Man Arrested For Killing His Wife for Refusing to Abort Their 7-Month-Old Unborn Baby

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 21, 2018   |   3:08PM   |   New Delhi, India

A crisis across the world, yet another man has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife and unborn baby after she refused to have an abortion.

The man, identified as Seenivasan, 24, of Poovanur, India was arrested Thursday by police in Rishivandhiyam, India, according to the Times of India.

Police said Seenivasan initially reported his wife as a missing person, but they arrested him after he gave conflicting testimony. The young man later admitted to strangling his wife to death after she refused to abort their unborn baby, according to police.

His wife, Jeyanthi, 21, was seven months pregnant with their unborn child, the report states.

Allegedly, Seenivasan forced his wife to abort three unborn babies during their three-year relationship, not counting the fourth who died along with Jeyanthi earlier this month.

Here’s more from the report:

In May 2018, when for a fourth time Jeyanthi was 6 months pregnant, her parents came to know of the pregnancy and got her married to Seenivasan. However, the man’s parents were opposed to the marriage due to Jeyanthi’s poor financial condition and refrained from talking to their son.

Upset over the strained relationship with his parents for the past month, Seenivasan began demanding Jeyanthi to abort the foetus again and return to her parents, divorcing him. He had also decided to marry a girl of his parents’ choice to appease them.

When Jeyanthi refused to budge, Seenivasan decided to murder her. According to his confession to the police, on June 15th, he took her to a nearby forest in the pretext of visiting a temple there, strangled her using her saree and abandoned the body.

Police said Seenivasan is being charged with murder. The report does not indicate if he will be charged in the deaths of both his wife and unborn child.

Violence against pregnant women and their unborn babies is disturbingly common. LifeNews has reported numerous crime stories where men allegedly murdered or attempted to murder their pregnant partners after they refused to abort their unborn babies.

In the United States, one in six women is first abused during pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control. As LifeNews previously reported, one study found that as many as 64 percent of post-abortive women say they felt pressure to have an abortion.

LifeNews has reported countless crime stories involving pregnant women who have been threatened, assaulted or killed, sometimes after they refused to abort their unborn babies.

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In September 2016, police arrested a Tennessee man after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of kicking and hitting her when she told him that she would not abort their baby.

Then, in 2017, a Hawaii jury convicted a man of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend after prosecutors said he stabbed her to death for refusing to abort their unborn child. It does not appear that there were any charges in connection to the unborn child’s death in the case.

Also in 2017, a California jury found a man guilty of first- and second-degree murder after he allegedly hired a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn son after she refused to have an abortion.

And earlier this week, news reports out of Pakistan detailed how a girl died along with her unborn baby after her abuser allegedly forced her to have an abortion.

Others have used sneakier methods to force women to abort their unborn babies. Earlier this year, a Virginia doctor was convicted of spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with an abortion drug, killing their unborn baby. Dr. Sikander Imran was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to fetal homicide.

Many pro-life advocates are concerned that these abuses could grow worse if abortion activists succeed in forcing pharmacies to dispense abortion drugs or allowing them to be distributed by mail-order. The ACLU and Hawaiian abortion activists are suing the federal government in a case that could force every pharmacy in America to sell dangerous abortion drugs.