Planned Parenthood Worker Illegally Accessed Patient Records to Get Female Patient’s Phone Number

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 14, 2018   |   3:02PM   |   Washington, DC

A website that catalogs problems at abortion clinics features a new report on a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in California. There, a male staff member illegally accessed patient records to obtain the phone number of a patient who he apparently had an interest in.

The web site, that compiles inspection reports from abortion clinics on a nationwide basis for women to be informed of the places they receive care, just surpassed 212 clinics on which it has reports. This amounts to 25% of all abortion clinics in the nation and includes states that do not have reporting requirements but have nonetheless responded to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from the website.

There are violations and citations on everything from rusty abortion equipment to blood-stained operating tables to HIPAA violations where an employee of an abortion clinic decided to go through a patient’s medical record in order to find her phone number so he could text her.

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Riverside, California reported “Clinic staff accessed patient’s medical records without a clinic related need. Male Staff accessed medical records for personal use to find a female patient’s cell number for personal reasons ‘so he could text her’. Patient called to file a complaint that her personal information was mishandled and misused.”

“The inspection reports tell a detailed story behind how abortion clinics in this nation operate, which is to cut corners to save time and money,” said Abby Johnson, head of And Then There Were None, an organization that helps abortion workers leave their jobs and which runs “We hear stories from abortion workers about the state of their clinics but it’s almost unbelievable until we see the inspection reports, which confirm just how poorly many abortion facilities in this country are run.”

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Many reports indicate that abortion clinics are not following up with patients after abortions at all, especially after medication abortions, which can have severe complications. Clinics in Ft. Lauderdale, Austin (here and here), Fort Worth, El Paso (here and here), Houston, and Cleveland have all been cited for not following up women after medication abortions.

“Medication abortion is not as safe as the abortion industry would like women to think it is. There are complications, sometimes serious ones. Some abortion clinics, like the West End Women’s Medical Group in Reno, Nevada will not even do medical abortions because it’s too risky for the woman,” said Johnson.

A 2009 Finnish study found that women who had medication abortions over surgical abortions were almost eight times more likely to hemorrhage and five times more likely to suffer an incomplete abortion. Other complications can be found here.

“Women deserve to know the truth about not only the risks of abortion but how clean their chosen abortion clinic is and how often that clinic has been cited for gross violations of the law,” said Johnson.