“Catholic” Group Praises Vote to Legalize Abortion, Claims “Catholics Can be” Pro-Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 14, 2018   |   3:22PM   |   Washington, DC

A pro-abortion group that claims to be Catholic praised lawmakers in Argentina for voting to legalize the killing of unborn babies Thursday.

The lower house of Argentina narrowly passed the bill in a 129 to 125 vote, moving it to the upper house for consideration, The Guardian reports. President Mauricio Macri said he will not veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

The radical pro-abortion bill would legalize abortions for any reason up to 14 weeks of pregnancy and up to nine months in a wide variety of circumstances, including risks to the mother’s “physical, psychological or social health,” Crux reports. “Social health” reasons include breaking up with a significant other or being fired from a job, according to the report.

Religious hospitals also would be forced to abort unborn babies under the legislation.

Argentina is a strongly Catholic country, and Pope Francis was born there. Catholics have been some of the strongest voices against the legislation.

However, one pro-abortion group that claims to be Catholic lauded the vote.

Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, told The Guardian: “As Ireland, and Chile before it, have demonstrated, Catholics can be and often are pro-choice. And indeed Catholic-majority countries can and often do support legislation for safe and legal abortion. Catholics revere individual conscience and support policies that allow all women – especially those without power and privilege – to make their own moral decisions about their bodies safely and freely.”

Abortion activists claim women are dying from illegal abortions (though they die from legal ones as well). But former abortion activists say these numbers often are vastly over-inflated. Pro-lifers also contend that legalizing abortion does not make it safer for the woman, it only allows back alley abortionists to practice openly.

In a statement Thursday, the country’s Catholic bishops said they will not give up fighting for the unborn.

“The hurt for the forgetting and the exclusion of the innocents must be transformed into strength and hope, to continue fighting for the dignity of human life,” they said in a statement.

Legalizing abortion will not help women, it only will strip away rights from babies in the womb, the bishops continued. They urged the upper house to reject the bill and consider real solutions to women’s problems.

“The situation of women facing an unexpected pregnancy, the explosion of poverty, social marginalization and gender violence remain without a solution,” they said.

Argentina currently protects unborn babies from abortion, except in cases of rape and risks to the mother’s life.

Like many other South American countries, Argentina has been facing intense international pressure to legalize abortion. Human Rights Watch, which receives funding from American billionaire George Soros, has been pushing its abortion agenda on Argentina for years.

Some of the strongest voices for unborn babies in Argentina are people who realize they could have been aborted. A man named Christian shared his story with lawmakers in May.

He said his mother had been raped at a very young age and became pregnant with him. Rather than consider abortion, she made an adoption plan with a family who she knew would take good care of him, he said.

“The question we should ask ourselves today is not when does life begin, but rather how much is a life worth. Let’s all allow other babies to be born, as I was able to be born, because otherwise I would have been another aborted baby,” Christian said.