Debate on Abortion in Northern Ireland Was Trojan Horse for Legalizing Abortion Up to Birth Throughout UK

International   |   Precious Life   |   Jun 5, 2018   |   3:04PM   |   London, England

The ‘emergency debate’ in Westminster today (Tuesday 5th June) on legalising abortion in Northern Ireland, was a ‘trojan horse’ for the ultimate aim of legalising abortion up to birth throughout the UK.

Pro-abortion campaigner and Labour backbench MP Stella Creasy called for the debate, and was supported by Government ministers. These pro-abortion MPs want the UK Parliament to force abortion on Northern Ireland in the absence of a devolved government at Stormont.

Stella Creasy said that the Irish Referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment had “thrown a spotlight” on Northern Ireland, and she called for the repeal of the ‘Offences Against The Person Act’ saying it was “a block to abortion” in Northern Ireland. Sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against The Person Act makes it a crime for any man or woman to procure or cause an abortion. Pro-abortionists try to claim the Act is “outdated” just because it was passed in 1861. But this Act is still very much in use today – covering other crimes such as conspiracy to commit murder; manslaughter; assault; child abduction, to name but a few.

While the debate was presented as a move to introduce abortion in Northern Ireland, it was in reality about removing any legal restriction to abortion in the UK.

The 1967 Abortion Act in the UK is already one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world. But the Offences Against The Person Act does place some restrictions on abortion, so repealing it would result in the UK having one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world. If repealed, there would be no law restricting or regulating abortion, and would allow unborn babies to killed for any reason, at any time during pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth.

We congratulate the members of the DUP who stood up in Westminster to defend the right to life of our unborn children.

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But Sinn Fein (who don’t take their seats in Westminster) should hang their heads in shame. Their mantra has always been ‘self-determination for the Irish people’ so it is total hypocrisy for Sinn Féin vice president Michelle O’Neill to welcome this debate in the British Houses of Parliament as a ”first step” to forcing abortion on Northern Ireland.

Precious Life will not stand idly by and let pro-abortion organisations and pro-abortion politicians try to legalise the killing of our unborn children. Abortion is a devolved matter for Stormont, not Westminster. This debate, although not able to change the law at this stage, was another stepping stone in these MP’s strategy to dismantle our pro-life laws in order to legalise abortion here. But we will continue fighting in Northern Ireland for the right to life of our unborn babies. Our laws matters because every life matters. 100,000 people are alive today in Northern Ireland because of our pro-life laws. We will be working hard organising this year’s “All Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast”, which will show the Westminster government that the people of Northern Ireland do not want abortion now or ever.

LifeNews Note: Bernadette Smyth is the head of Precious Life in Northern Ireland.