Woman Goes to Abortion Clinic For Appointment and Gives Birth to Her Baby Instead

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 30, 2018   |   4:39PM   |   Jackson, MS

A crazy thing happened at the last remaining abortion facility in the state of Mississippi. A woman headed to the abortion clinic for her appointment but gave birth to her baby there instead.

The Jackson Women’s Health Organization is the last abortion facility in the state of Mississippi and it has frequently been behind challenges to pro-life laws designed to save more babies from abortions. Although the lives of unborn children are normally taken there on a daily basis one baby escaped its abortion agenda.

Here’s more:

A patient on her consultation visit, whose name was not released, went into labor as she awaited an ultrasound to see how far along she was in her pregnancy, said Shannon Brewer, director of Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The clinic in the state’s capital city is the only place in Mississippi where abortions are performed. Mississippi has a population of almost 3 million people, including about 1 million women of child-bearing age.

A clinic doctor delivered the baby, Brewer said. The mother and daughter were transported to a local hospital after the birth and are in good health.

The clinic keeps the age and name of its patients confidential for safety reasons and did not release the gestational age of the baby.

The abortion business is suing to overturn the state’s ban on late abortions.

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