Vatican: “Abortion Denies an Unborn Child His or Her Most Basic Right, to Life Itself”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 25, 2018   |   6:07PM   |   The Vatican

A Vatican leader stood up against a World Health Assembly proposal this week that claimed women and girls deserve a right to “safe abortions.”

Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic advocated for the rights of unborn and born children Friday at the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting, CNA reports. He told the assembly that abortion does the very opposite of protect women’s rights, and abortion never is safe for an unborn child.

“In fact, abortion denies the unborn child his or her most basic right — to life itself,” Jurkovic said, representing the Vatican at the meeting.

He quoted Pope Francis saying, “Human life is sacred and inviolable. Every civil right rests on the recognition of the first and fundamental right, that of life, which is not subordinate to any condition, be it quantitative, economic or, least of all, ideological.”

The meeting was held to discuss global strategies to help women and children, as well as policies and programs of WHO.

Jurkovic objected to a section in the report advocating for “safe abortion” globally.

“The Holy See does not endorse any form of legislation that gives legal recognition to abortion and, thus, firmly objects to any and all efforts by the U.N. or its specialized agencies to promote national legislation that permits the taking of the life of an unborn child,” he said.

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“Moreover, the Holy See cannot accept the contradictory claim that promotion of so-called ‘safe abortion’ is a means to ‘protect’ the human rights of women and girls, when, in fact, abortion denies the unborn child his or her most basic right — to life itself,” he added.

The Catholic Church is one of the strongest advocates for the rights of unborn babies in the world. It believes every human life is valuable, from conception to natural death, and deserving of protection.