Vandals Destroy Memorial Dedicated to Alfie Evans

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 18, 2018   |   3:13PM   |   London, England

The parents of Alfie Evans have gone through enough in recent weeks — with the battle over the life and death of the little boy and his ultimate passing away. Now they are dealing with additional heartbreak as vandals have destroyed a memorial with cards and Gifts left to memorialize their son.

Posting images of the tree near Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, which yanked Alfie’s life support over his parents’ objections, a member of the Alfie’s Army Facebook group condemned the “extremely disrespectful act” and appealed for the tributes to be replenished.

“We admin are sorry to say we have been made aware of people stealing gifts left for Alfie at his memorial tree,” the post said. “Army members left various gifts for our beautiful fighter and this breaks not only our hearts, but Alfie’s family’s hearts that some people have done this extremely disrespectful act.”

Here’s more:

In the hours after his death, members of Alfie’s Army began leaving teddy bears, balloons, flowers, cards and candles at a tree in Springfield Park.

The tree’s lower trunk was eventually surrounded by tributes, with many the colour purple and the blue of Everton Football Club.

The supporter said on Thursday: ‘It would be lovely if army members could still please take their gifts to Alfie’s tree and if possible make sure our beautiful Alfie’s tree remains the lovely memorial it originally was’

The grief-stricken parents of Alfie Evans buried their son last weekend. Although no one from the media or Alfie’s Army was able to attend the private funeral to talk with Alfie’s father Tom and Kate or hear remarks to their family, since it was closed to the public, the flowers that adorned the hearse carrying Alfie’s body to the funeral park gave people an indication of what his parents think of his little boy. And Tom was captured in photos looking distraught.

The hearse was decorated in flowers with the words “Warrior” and “our hero” on top. The casket itself was adorned with images appropriate for a little boy — with pictures of soldiers dressed in British garb and a heart with the words Alfie’s Army on it and honor of the million or more people who registered at the family’s Facebook page to support their battle against the British courts and hospital system intent on taking Alfie’s life and denying their parental rights.

The battle to save Alfie Evans became an international cause and a reminder that patients and their families ought to have the final say about the care and treatment for their loved ones as opposed to hospitals and courts making those decisions and denying patients their right to life. The pro-life movement around the world has focused on this problem for decades and Alfie’s battle and that of his family brought that fight to an international level.

Hundreds of supporters of Alfie and his parents lined the streets as the funeral procession made its way to the funeral park where Alfie would be buried. Comments in British media from the Alfie Army supporters indicated they are still steadfastly supportive of Alfie and his family.

Amazingly, despite all of the international hoopla, attention, and controversy surrounding Alfie’s death, there will be no investigation or autopsy it appears.