Presbyterian Minister Blesses Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in God’s Name, Volunteers as Its Chaplain

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 11, 2018   |   12:36PM   |   Augusta, Maine

Echoing the words of former President Barack Obama, a Presbyterian minister recently “blessed” a Maine abortion facility in God’s name.

The Rev. Marvin Ellison, a volunteer chaplain at the Planned Parenthood in Portland, Maine, wrote a column for the Press Herald this week to defend his abortion advocacy.

The Portland abortion facility aborts unborn babies up to 18 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, long after they already have heartbeats, brain waves, fingers, toes and their own unique fingerprints.

Ironically, Ellison described Planned Parenthood’s work as “life-affirming.”

“We’re proud to be part of a highly professional and highly caring health care team,” he said of himself and four other volunteer chaplains. “Along with our Planned Parenthood colleagues, we’re committed to showing care and respect for the whole person, including her (or his) physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

He made it clear that he is an abortion supporter because of his Christian faith and values. Ellison also bragged about his influence on patients’ religious views.

“… I’ve now heard more than a few patients say to me, ‘Well, I didn’t expect to find a clergyperson inside the health center, but if Planned Parenthood says you’re OK, then you’re OK with me,’” he wrote.

Recently, he and the other chaplains hosted a service to bless the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

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Ellison continued:

We believe in its mission and applaud its life-affirming values. As we said during the blessing, “We thank God for Planned Parenthood and for the amazing work you do, day in and day out, with passion, courage, wisdom and grace.”

As chaplains, we recognize that Planned Parenthood is called many names. Some of those names are hate-filled, disrespectful and terribly misguided. At the blessing, we concluded the event by saying, “Hear this loud and clear: In the name of all that is holy and good, Planned Parenthood your name is blessed. Each staff member is a blessing to this community and to those for whom you provide health care, education and advocacy. You are the blessing, and we thank God for you.”

Conveniently absent from Ellison’s column was Planned Parenthood’s top priority: abortion. Instead he used euphemisms to make himself look better and to criticize religious pro-lifers for allegedly opposing “health care” and “family planning.”

But it is the killing of unborn babies and that alone that causes so much opposition to Planned Parenthood – both by religious and secular Americans. The abortion chain has earned billions of dollars killing unborn babies across the country, and it uses millions more in political fights to keep abortions legal and readily available for any reason up to birth.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in America, aborting approximately 320,000 unborn babies every year. Its most recent annual report showed a record income of $1.46 billion for the “non-profit,” with about half a billion dollars coming from taxpayers.

Ellison and his fellow chaplains would do well to remember that true compassion, true morality never involves killing an innocent human being for the benefit of another. Christians are called to protect and defend the most vulnerable members of society; and today no one is more vulnerable than a baby in his or her mother’s womb.