15,000 Canadians Line the Streets to Protest Abortion at March for Life

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 11, 2018   |   9:12AM   |   Ottawa, Canada

A crowd of 15,000 pro-lifers marched Thursday in Ottawa for the annual Canadian March for Life.

Despite numerous setbacks in recent years, pro-lifers marched in peace and hope Thursday while calling for protections for unborn babies.

“[T]here should be no compromises on the lives of the unborn, no exceptions and we added — no excuses, no apologies,” said Jim Hughes, president of the Campaign Life Coalition, the Daily Caller reports. “So every single human being created by God…is worthy of our defense.”

Unborn babies and pro-life Canadians have faced a slew of assaults by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration.

Last year, Trudeau’s administration introduced a new policy requiring any group that applies for a Canadian Summer Jobs grant to sign a statement that they support abortion. The requirement has prompted protests from Christians, Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups, but Trudeau has refused to make any exceptions.

A recent poll found the policy and Trudeau’s radical abortion advocacy are widely unpopular among Canadians.

In 2017, abortion drugs also became available for the first time in Canada, and many provinces now force taxpayers to pay for them. Approximately 4,200 unborn babies in Canada were killed using the deadly drugs that year, according to Health Canada.

Pro-life leaders at the march said they believe these radical pro-abortion moves brought a larger crowd to Ottawa this year. According to the Daily Caller, approximately 15,000 marched, despite strong winds and the threat of a storm.

Among the marchers were about a dozen members of parliament, according to the report.

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Check out photos from the march below.