Father Who Raped His 11-Year-Old Daughter, Took Her for Abortion, May Finally Go to Prison

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 10, 2018   |   11:37AM   |   Charleston, West Virginia

A father of an 11-year-old girl in West Virginia who was arrested and ultimately indicted after arranging for an abortion following a case of pregnancy following incest may head to prison — butnot for the initial crime.

As LifeNews reported, Michael and Amanda Adkins were arrested on charges of child neglect causing the risk of injury. While some licensed medical professionals were involved in getting information to authorities, WSAZ-TV indicates the abortion clinic in Charleston that did an abortion did not report the clear case of statutory rape.

The indictment charged Michael Joe Adkins with incest, first-degree sexual assault and sexual abuse by a parent for alleged intercourse with his daughter, which impregnated the girl as the sexual activity continued after she became 12. He and the girl’s stepmother, Amanda Rea Adkins, also faced counts of child neglect creating risk of injury and conspiracy as part of an abortion and subsequent procedure aimed at covering up the alleged incest.

The sexual assaults on the girl took place between October 2010 and February 2011 and then took the girl for an abortion after the incest impregnated her on March 1. They then subsequently got her a D&C on March 16.

But Adkins was merely been placed on probation. He was sentenced to 5 years home confinement and and 50 years of supervision after he was convicted.

Yet, violations of his probation could send him to prison. From a new report:

Less than six months later, he was jailed at Western Regional Jail in Barboursville on April 25 after a petition was filed by a court official to revoke his probation when he was accused of domestic battery and driving on a revoked or suspended license. He was also discharged from a sex offender counseling program, according to a letter provided to the court – another violation of his home confinement conditions.

Adkins was arraigned on the probation violation charge by Cabell Circuit Judge Gregory Howard on Wednesday and requested a full evidentiary hearing, which will take place at 9:30 a.m. Monday, May 14.

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When a petition to revoke an alternative sentence is filed, the defendant is arraigned and informed of the allegations. A hearing is later held to determine if there is enough evidence for the defendant to have his sentence revoked. If enough evidence is found, the defendant returns to the sentencing judge for final sentencing.

Adkins is scheduled to appear before Farrell for the final disposition in the case at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Amanda Adkins, his former wife, was ordered by Ferguson to serve 18 months on probation, with an additional 10 years of supervised release after that. Her signed agreement states she subjected the girl to a dilation and curettage procedure March 16, 2011, without telling doctors or law enforcement of the child’s abortion days earlier.

As part of his plea deal, Adkins was required to enter a sex offender counseling treatment program. However, he was discharged from that program May 1 for failing to take responsibility for his offenses, lying and re-victimizing, according to a letter sent to the court.

At the initial  sentencing, Judge Farrell told Adkins, “I hope you screw up during those 50 years so I can send you to prison.” Looks like that wish is coming true.

WSAZ indicates the abortion clinic in Charleston that did an abortion did not report the clear case of statutory rape.

In this case, because the abortion was not reported by the abortion clinic — and the parents did not tell anyone it was done — state police say the parents were able to go back to the doctor that was working with investigators and tell him the girl was having symptoms of a miscarriage. He then performed a D&C procedure, unknowingly putting the girl in danger.

“That point was withheld, which makes it pertinent in her health and her safety,” West Virginia State Police Cpl. Marlene Moore said. “That’s where the neglect creating risk of injury comes in. The parents neglected to take care of her needs — her basic needs and put her in extreme danger by letting her go through an unnecessary procedure– be put under anesthesia when they knew that that had been performed before.”

The pro-life movement has repeatedly documented how abortion facilities fail to report cases of statutory rape and predators using abortions to cover up their crimes.