Teacher Impregnates 15-Year-Old Student, Forces Her to Have Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 9, 2018   |   12:56PM   |   Accra, Ghana

The family of a 15-year-old student whose teacher allegedly had sex with her and then pressured her to have an abortion is calling on police to investigate.

Starr News reports the Ghana teen allegedly was impregnated by her 26-year-old teacher, Kamal Ali, earlier this year. She attends the Tishegu Anglican Junior High School in Tamale, Ghana, where Ali teaches.

The teen’s family said Ali pressured her to abort their unborn baby and gave her money for the procedure. They said the abortion injured the teen as well, and she still is suffering from heavy bleeding.

The family said they reported the matter to the school authorities, but they are not happy with the response. They want the police to investigate.

Here’s more from the report:

A furious brother of the girl, Abubakari Saddiq disclosed that the teacher filmed the moment he was defiling the minor onto his mobile phone and distributed the footage to his friends and also played it for some junior pupils to watch, during class sessions.

He said some pupils after watching the video became angry and reported the matter to some staff of the school who then informed the headmaster about the matter.

The headmaster summoned the teacher to his office, according to siblings of the girl, and grilled him over the matter, but the teacher denied, only to admit the incident after the girl insisted and corroborated the charges.

Saddiq claimed the headmaster was also informed about the complications suffered by the girl but he only directed the teacher to assist in treating the minor victim.

The headmaster told the news outlet that he learned about the incident one day before school break and did not have enough time to fully investigate. He said the matter is being referred to the school disciplinary committee.

Studies indicate women and girls frequently are forced or coerced to abort their unborn babies. One study of post-abortive women found about 60 percent of abortions are coerced.

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Many times coercion is linked to abuse. In the United States, one in six women is first abused during pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Several studies also have linked domestic violence to abortion. In these cases, some women were forced or pressured by partners into having abortions, while others believed having an abortion would help them escape abuse.

In a 2011 study in The Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, one woman told researchers: “So when I found out I was pregnant he was like … oh go get an abortion, I don’t want no baby now and threatening me and he was trying to get [X] to come and beat me up, he was telling me he was going to stab me and slice up my face and kick the baby out of my stomach and like … it was really scary.”

Research also found that abortion facilities are not screening women for abuse. A 2014 Canadian study found that half of the women who went to an abortion clinic said they were not screened for abuse.