Man Conceived in Rape: Please Don’t Kill Children Like Me in Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   May 8, 2018   |   12:37PM   |   Buenos Aires, Argentina

Just ahead of Mother’s Day, a man’s passionate thanks to his mother for choosing life after rape is receiving international attention.

Christian recently shared his story with lawmakers in Argentina as they consider whether to legalize abortion, Aleteia reports.

He explained how his mother had been raped at a very young age and became pregnant with him. Rather than consider abortion, she made an adoption plan with a family who she knew would take good care of him, he said.

“I want to tell you that a story that begins with such sadness, pain, and injustice can — in the hands of a God of perfect love — become a good story worth telling,” Christian said.

He said he began searching for his birth mother when he was about 15 years old. The search was difficult, and eventually he gave up – for a while anyway.

As an adult, he began the search again and found her in Buenos Aires. Over the phone, he said she told him the dreadful circumstances surrounding his conception: She suffered repeated abuses as a young worker, beginning at age 12, in Buenos Aires, and eventually became pregnant by rape.

When they finally met, Christian’s first words to his birth mother expressed his deep gratitude to her for choosing life.

“I want you to know that I looked for you to tell you thank you, because you didn’t abort me,” he said.

Christian said his mother began crying and replied, “I’ve been thinking about you every day of my life.”

He told the Argentinian Congress: “I want to tell you that regardless of whether she had given me life or had chosen to abort me, nothing would have changed — she would always have been thinking about that baby every day of her life.

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“That’s why a mother who aborts can never stop thinking about that baby. She can never stop thinking about that little person that was forming inside her. I know there are pregnancies that come about through forced sex, by rape, and others because people don’t know how to use contraceptives. I’m not trying to put myself into the shoes of these future mothers. I will never be able to know the pain, sadness, and emptiness that those situations cause. But I do know what it means to enjoy life, to be able to help someone else, to give hope or a hug to someone who has never felt it, knowing that my mother had the right — as they say — to abort me or let me live,” he continued.

He pleaded with lawmakers to recognize the worth of babies in the womb.

“The question we should ask ourselves today is not when does life begin, but rather how much is a life worth. Let’s all allow other babies to be born, as I was able to be born, because otherwise I would have been another aborted baby,” Christian said.