Woman With Two Uteruses Paid $17,000 to Abort Her Seven-Month-Old Unborn Baby

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 27, 2018   |   4:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Late-term abortions — dangerous and often eugenic in nature — are being defended on the pages of national publications.

This week, The Cut featured the story of a mother, “Tara,” who recently spent $17,000 and traveled across the country to abort her unborn baby at 30 weeks of pregnancy because he or she had a disability.

Tara defended her decision to abort her unborn baby, even as she described the “visceral horror” of feeling her unborn baby squirm away from the abortionist’s deadly needle.

The Daily Mail reports Tara has two uteruses, a rare condition in which the uterus is divided into two cavities. Women who have the condition often find it difficult to become pregnant.

According to the report:

The mother’s third pregnancy, which was unplanned, was the first one to occur on the right side, since she had carried both her son and her daughter on the left.

While women with two uteruses can often have successful pregnancies, the condition can also come with a higher risk of premature birth or miscarriage, as noted by the Mayo Clinic.

On week 22 of Tara’s pregnancy, her doctor noticed that the fetus’ head appeared ‘kind of small’, she wrote in her essay. However, it wasn’t until week 28 that the doctor ‘pushed the alarm button’ and told the mother to get an MRI and a level-three ultrasound.

Tara said she asked if her baby had something like Down syndrome or Williams syndrome.

“And the neurologist just looked at me and said, ‘No.’ Children with Down syndrome are very capable. They do lots of things—they express themselves, they move around, they eat on their own,” she said.

“He said that based on his experience, my baby would never develop language, never walk, never swallow. There was a significant chance he would never regulate his own breathing. He would never reach for or see objects,” she continued.

Later, Tara said she learned that their aborted baby had a genetic mutation and had been deprived of nutrients and oxygen because of a problem with her placenta. She did not provide any more details about the baby’s disabilities.

She said her decision to abort her unborn baby was “fairly easy.” In October 2017, she and her husband flew to the late-term abortion clinic of Warren Hern in Colorado, according to the report. They paid him $11,500 to abort their disabled unborn baby, and another $5,000 to travel there, the report states.

The report continues:

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In her essay, Tara described the procedure, which occurred over the course of four days. Day one, known as the ‘feticide’, consists in the injection of a chemical to stop to the fetus’ heart.

That day was ‘the most emotionally difficult’ for Tara, who underwent an ultrasound while a doctor performed the injection.

‘The doctor missed, the first time,’ the mother wrote. ‘No one talked about it. I think they didn’t want to upset me. I mean, he was trying to hit a moving target that he could only see on what must have been a 30-year-old ultrasound machine.

‘But what was so hard about it, for me, was the baby had woken up. He’d started moving. That was really, really hard.

‘It goes against every human instinct, to lie there and let someone do that. You’re not supposed to move, so I was trying not to cry and not to move. I just remember thinking, “Go to sleep. Don’t move, because we have to do this.” I think the fact that I believed that and still do, helps. That this was the best of all possible decisions. But it was still really f****d.’

The doctor managed to perform the injection the second time, and Tara left the clinic later that day.

Afterward, Tara and her husband took their aborted baby’s body, bought a coffin and held a burial, the report states.

She complained about the expense of the abortion and the lack of availability of late-term abortions in America, she complained about politicians who want to restrict abortions to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

“It’s an insane amount of money. Most people wouldn’t even be able to think about doing it—this is so far from being a choice, it’s obscene,” Tara told The Cut.

But abortion is a “choice” that women do not have to make. At 30 weeks of pregnancy, Tara’s unborn baby already was developed enough to survive outside the womb and capable of feeling excruciating pain. Even if he or she would not have lived long, they should have been given the dignity of comfort care and a natural death in a hospital or at home in their parents’ arms. Wonderful programs called perinatal hospice are popping up across the country to help families in such sad situations. They recognize that a dying unborn child is still a valuable human being who deserves the same care and consideration as a born child.

If Tara’s child had been born prematurely before the abortion, he or she likely would have received that care. Instead, the baby was killed in the womb because, through no fault of his/her own, he or she did not meet their parents’ ideals.