Mother of Woman Who Died After Botched 6-Month Abortion Seeks Wrongful Death Investigation

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 27, 2018   |   5:03PM   |   Washington, DC

The mother of a woman who died from complications after a late-term abortion is urging New Mexico authorities to conduct a wrongful death investigation.

Tina Atkins lost both her daughter Keisha Atins, 23, and unborn grandchild in February 2017 after an abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion facility in Albuquerque.

This month, New Mexico Alliance for Life announced Atkins’ actions on behalf of her late daughter.

According to the group, Atkins retained Albuquerque attorney, Michael Seibel, to pursue wrongful death action including a complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board on behalf of her late daughter’s estate.

“All I want is justice for my baby and my grandbaby and every other woman who has put her life and health at risk to endure this brutal procedure,” Atkins said in a statement. “My grandbaby would have been a year and 3 months now, but instead I have to deal with the constant pain of two deaths, my daughter and grandbaby, as well as the injustice.”

Here’s more from the pro-life organization:

Keisha Atkins was a healthy young woman with no prior medical history. At 24 weeks gestation, Atkins checked in to Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) abortion clinic on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 then again, each day through Friday, February 3, 2017 for a multi-day abortion procedure when she was transported to University of New Mexico (UNM) Hospital for emergency care, where she died. Despite the fact that Atkins died during the highly-dangerous late-term procedure that is known to carry high risk, the Office of the Medical Investigator, located at the UNM School of Medicine, found Atkins’ “manner of death is natural.”

Attorney Seibel has subpoenaed internal notes, memorandum, photographic evidence and all documents relating to Atkins’ autopsy performed by the Office of the Medical Investigator at the UNM School of Medicine. Additionally, Seibel has requested a complete history of all medical records for Keisha Atkins from both SWO and UNM Hospital.

“It is well established that UNM Hospital and Medical School have a deeply-aligned collaboration with Southwestern Women’s Options abortion center, whether it’s conferring faculty appointments for Southwestern abortion doctors or the free supply of aborted baby body parts for UNM’s experimentation,” said Elisa Martinez, of the pro-life alliance. “We want to ensure no conflict of interest played a role in the handling of Keisha’s situation, however serious questions remain surrounding Keisha’s cause of death.”

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She said they just want “complete transparency” about what happened to Keisha Atkins on the day she and her unborn baby died.

“No family should have to go through what the Atkins family has suffered,” Martinez said.

News about Atkins’ death broke in 2017 while the U.S. House was investigating the Albuquerque abortion facility and its use of aborted baby body parts. The House investigation found that the University of New Mexico worked closely with the late-term abortion facility and its abortionist Curtis Boyd.

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico first learned of Atkins’ death in August 2017. She later obtained an initial autopsy report and a printout of a 911 call placed by the abortion facility on the date of Adkin’s death. The pro-life group and Operation Rescue said the documents raised serious questions about the mishandling of Adkin’s medical emergency, and raised suspicions of an attempted cover-up.

Late last year, LifeNews reported Boyd, his abortion business and the University of New Mexico may be under criminal investigation by the FBI for their handling of aborted baby body parts.