Alfie Evans’ Family Blasts False Report Saying His Parents are “Preparing Themselves for His Death”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 26, 2018   |   5:53PM   |   London, England

The family of Alfie Evans is blasting a false news report saying his parents are supposedly preparing for his death. The news report came out after Tom Evans told the media that he would be working with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in an attempt to repair the relationship so Alfie can go home.

But a news report in Sky News took that statement to mean that Alfie’s parents were making plans for his eventual death. In a post on Facebook, family member Daniel Evans said that that is absolutely not true.

As Sky News reported:

Sky News Correspondent Gerard Tubb said the parents are preparing themselves for their son’s death.

He said the family “are now saying that’s it, we want privacy and they are accepting now that Alfie will die.

“The end of life plan is in place and the hospital will now be managing it.”

But that’s no the case at all, according to Daniel Evans.

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“I’d just like to clear up that this is in fact NOT TRUE. I’ve show this to Tom and he has said he doesn’t know where this statement has came from but that is not the plan at all. Thomas and Kate are not ‘preparing themselves for their sons death’ in no way shape or form, to get him home is their priority and that’s what they plan to do with the help and accompany of Alder Hey,” he explained.

“Alfie is doing good, 72 hours independent breathing,” Evans added.

Alfie Evans’ father Tom Evans called for supporters of Alfie and his family to “stand down” so they can begin “building a bridge” with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and its staff. The call comes just hours after Evans said the hospital “hates” his family and his treating them like “criminals.”

Earlier today, Tom Evans said Alfie is not dying.

Tom said: “For the third day now, there’s been not one single problem with him. Alfie doesn’t need intensive care any more. Alfie is lying on the bed with one litre of oxygen going into his lungs and the rest is him.”

“Some people say it’s a miracle, it’s not a miracle, it’s a misdiagnosis.”

He continued, saying that Alfie had “been off a ventilator for three days now” and that there had been “no deterioration” in his condition.

“He hasn’t woke up, he’s still a little bit weak but what we ask for is to go home to sustain his life,” Alfie’s father said.