British Police Will Monitor and Prosecute “Malicious Communications” Supporting Alfie Evans

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 25, 2018   |   3:47PM   |   London, England

It’s bad enough that the British government is essentially sentencing Alfie Evans to death. Now British police have announced that they will monitor and prosecute anyone who posts on social media a “malicious communication” supporting Alfie Evans or complaining about the hospital and courts.

Nevermind that Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is apparently misleading the court about Alfie, if anyone posts anything negative about the hospital or its officials and their treatment of Alfie, apparently they will be monitored and potentially prosecuted by local police in London.

The good news for LifeNews and many people around the world who support Alfie is that they do not live in London proper. However the thousands of people who are supporting Alfie and his parents there in London, including members of Alfie’s Army who are prolific on social media, need to be very concerned after the following announcement. Essentially the announcement tells people that not only will the government kill Alfie Evans it will kill any attempt to complain about it.

SIGN THE PETITION! Please Let Alfie Evans’ Parents Take Care of Him

The reaction has been what you’d expect:

It used to be that free speech was not only tolerated but respected and venerated. Decades ago a right to free speech was the hallmark of liberal activists who wanted to protest the government. Now that it is conservatives who are protesting what the government is doing free speech goes out the window.