Father of Aborted Baby Gets Probation for What He Left at Abortion Clinic After It Killed His Child

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 24, 2018   |   4:09PM   |   Washington, DC

A New Hampshire father recently admitted to leaving a bullet at a Massachusetts abortion facility while his girlfriend was having their unborn baby aborted.

Salem News reports Joshua Paiva, 21, of New Hampshire, told police that he should not have done it, but he felt “sad” about his girlfriend’s decision.

The incident occurred on Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day) at the Health Quarters abortion facility in Beverly, Massachusetts. According to the report, staff noticed the 9 mm bullet in the office lobby and immediately called police.

Later, a review of security tapes showed Paiva dropping something onto a tray under a window in the lobby while he was waiting for his girlfriend to come out from the abortion, the report states.

When contacted by police, Paiva admitted to leaving the bullet there and expressed regret about the action, according to police.

“I left the bullet there because they killed my baby,” he told police.

Paiva was arrested and charged with threatening to commit a crime, according to police. However, on Wednesday, he agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge and serve one year of probation, authorities said. He also will undergo mental health counseling, according to authorities.

Here’s more from the report:

[Paiva’s attorney Patrick] Conway said his client had no history of protesting or making threats toward abortion clinics but on that day was upset about his girlfriend’s choice, even as he accompanied her to the facility inside the Cummings Center.

“He was sad,” Conway said. Paiva had only just learned he was going to be a father when his girlfriend told him of her decision. “He still wanted to be there for his girlfriend,” said the lawyer.

“By his own admission, he should have done some things differently,” Conway said.

Research indicates fathers often experience deep pain and regret when their unborn babies are aborted. One study that investigated the effects of abortion on men found more than 90 percent experienced grief and sadness after the abortion and 90 percent had persistent thoughts about their aborted child. Only about 1 percent of men said they would consider abortion again.

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Even though biologically an unborn baby is just as much the father’s as the mother’s, fathers have no legal rights to protect their unborn baby’s life if the mother of their child decides to have an abortion.

Susanne Maynes of PregnancyHelpNews recently shared one father’s heartbreaking experience at LifeNews. She said he contacted her pregnancy center, desperate for help because his girlfriend planned to have an abortion.

She wrote:

The young man’s voice cracked as he pleaded, “Can you help me? ‘Kaylee’ is going to have an abortion, and I want my baby to live.”

He was not the first young father to come to us with this dilemma. Over my 10 years of pregnancy center work, I’ve spoken with a number of fathers who desperately wanted to rescue the life of their child—but the decision was not theirs to make.