President Trump’s Support From Christian Voters at All-Time High After Compiling Pro-Life Record

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 20, 2018   |   9:36AM   |   Washington, DC

Despite constant criticism by the mainstream media, President Donald Trump has gained support among Christian voters, according to a new poll.

The PRRI survey found white evangelical support of Trump is at an all-time high of 75 percent. Though the poll did not explore specific reasons for the support, his pro-life accomplishments likely have had a big influence on conservative Christian voters.

According to the poll, white Christian evangelical voters support Trump at much higher levels than the average population (42 percent).

“White evangelical support for Donald Trump has steadily increased over time,” according to the survey. “Notably, Trump’s favorability among white evangelicals never reached 50 percent during the 2016 primary season.”

Support increased to 68 percent by the inauguration and then to 74 percent in February 2017, the research found.

PRRI described their support for Trump as “strikingly solid,” even among white evangelical women. Though women’s support is lower than men’s, they still favor Trump at 71 percent. In addition, 68 percent of college-educated white evangelicals also support Trump, while his support is 78 percent among those who do not have a college degree.

Trump has kept his promises to pro-life voters, many of whom are white evangelical Christians. He defunded the international arm of Planned Parenthood and cut millions of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood through the failed Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.

In 2017, he also signed a law to overturn a rule under pro-abortion President Barack Obama that forced states to fund the abortion business Planned Parenthood.

He created a new division within the U.S. Health and Human Services Department to protect religious freedom and conscience rights. This is especially important to medical workers and business owners who object to abortion and other life-destroying acts.

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Other accomplishments include nominating numerous pro-life leaders to key political roles and judicial seats.

In January, Trump became the first president to address the March for Life in Washington, D.C.