Alfie Evans’ Father Issues Heartbreaking Plea After Court Rules Hospital Can Yank Son’s Life Support: “It’s Not Over”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 16, 2018   |   2:03PM   |   Washington, DC

After a British court ruled today that Alfie Evans’ parents are not able to take him to Italy for additional care and treatment that a children’s hospital in the UK will not provide, Alfie’s father Tom Evans said the legal battle to protect his son is “not over.”

He issued a heartbreaking plea on Facebook saying that he will¬† fight on to care for Alfie. He said the court was making a strange assumption that he was not facing the reality of Alfie’s medical situation even though he has been attempting to provide care and treatment for Alfie for well over a year.

Evans also criticized the court for saying that flying Alfie to Italy to a hospital where doctors want to try experimental treatments would put the little boy at risk. He said forcibly removing Alfie’s life support would put Alfie at immediate risk of death.

Their lawyer Paul Diamond has now said he will apply to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal the decision by 4pm tomorrow.

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Here’s more:

As members of ‘Alfie’s Army’ chanted outside the Liverpool hospital dad Tom Evans took to Facebook to issue a heartfelt plea.

The devastated 21-year-old wrote: “Transferring our stable son MAY be a risk???

“But removing his life support and letting him suffocate and die isn’t???????!!!!!!

“Where’s the logic in that?


“I’ve been living through it for 15 months.

“Me and Kate accept our son is going to die but when we don’t no, so it’s only our responsibility to let him outlive his remainder with as much dignity love and defection as possible.

“It’s not over!!!!”

A friend of Tom Evans says he thinks doctors are giving up too soon on Alfie, saying “I’ve been in the room with Alfie and he opens his eyes and looks at you.”