Alfie Evans’ Dad Asks Pope Francis to Help His Son: “Please Save Alfie”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 13, 2018   |   5:16PM   |   Washington, DC

The fight to save the life of Alfie Evans has reached a desperate level. It is a desperate enough for Alfie’s father to ask Pope Francis for his help to save his son.

Today was a case of good news-bad news for Alfie Evans and his parents. On one hand his parents say that Alfie has been taken out of their custody and a judge has prevented them from removing Alfie from the hospital that refuses to provide him adequate medical care and treatment and merely wants to yank is life support over their objections. On the other hand it appears Alfie’s parents have scored a new Hearing in court in their 11th Hour attempt to save his life.

A hospital in Italy has already pledged to provide medical care and treatment for Alfie in an attempt to help him with his undiagnosed medical condition that has been baffling physicians in England. But the court system in the UK has prevented Alfie’s family from transferring him to that hospital in Italy.

As a result, Tom Evans is pleading with Pope Francis to intervene on Alfie’s behalf and provide help

Tom Evans, 21, claimed Pope Francis is aware of Alfie’s illness and asked the leader of the Catholic Church to speak out.

It comes as Tom and Alfie’s mum Kate James, 20, prepare to ask Court of Appeal judges to allow him to continue to receive treatment at Alder Hey hospital.

Tom claimed he was prevented from taking 23-month-old Alfie from the hospital and flying him abroad for treatment.

He said: “If he dies in Italy at least we’ve tried and I believe in Italy.

“The pope knows we want to go there. We want the pope to speak out again. Someone save Alfie.”

We want Alder Hey to stand back and say we’ve got the freedom to move.

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“On Monday I hope a new judge will see that the current judge has added a new court order there’s a legal notice against me.

“Within the six hours it took Alder Hey to get that I could have taken my son.

“On Monday we hope they will see Alder Hey did wrong.

“I hope we go to Italy next week. An Italian hospital wants to do more than what Alder Hey want to do. No one knows what he’s got.

“Justice Hayden made a claim that he’s got no mitochondria. He’s got a mitochondrial fault.”

“We will fight until Alfie dies on his own. He has no right to have his life taken away.