Alfie Evan’s Parents Says His Life Support Could be Yanked Tomorrow: “It Could be the Day He is Executed”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 10, 2018   |   4:36PM   |   London, England

The parents of little Alfie Evans have spent a long time in court fighting a hospital’s attempt to remove his life support without their permission. Unfortunately they have failed at every single court level where they have tried to protect the right to life of their little boy.

After seemingly having an eleventh-hour agreement from the hospital to transfer Alfie to another hospital that is actually willing to provide appropriate Medical Care and treatment, the British base hospital where he is reneged on its agreement.

As LifeNews initially reported, the hospital that fought a court battle to yank little Evans’ life support without his parents permission had relented — if only for the moment. The hospital said it will not shut off Evans’ life support after Pope Francis intervened on his behalf. The delay supposedly meant there would now be a series of meetings to discuss the best options for Alfie – including the possibility of treatment abroad, which is what his parents have fought for all along.

Steven Woolfe, MEP for North West England, visited Alfie at his bedside and later spoke to officials at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool.

But then, the hospital appeared to go behind Alife’s parents’ backs and asked for a court hearing on a date to remove the life support.

Now Alfie’s life support may possibly be scheduled to be yanked tomorrow over his parents objections.

Parents Tom Evans and Kate James are nowworried that Alfie will be executed within several hours once the life support is removed. They are hoping to return to court tomorrow for a desperate attempt to stop the removal of life support but Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool is expected to fight any last-minute attempt to save his life or delay its removal.

The judge involved in the case is now set to implement a removal date to yank the life support and Alfie’s parents worried that tomorrow will be their last day.

Here’s the latest update on this tenuous situation:

On the Alfies Army Official Facebook page, Tom said they had received notice about tomorrow’s hearing despite having asked for a week to go through paperwork and said: “Tomorrow could be the day is executed”.

He wrote: “Was notified by legal team today that justice Hayden has listed the hearing for half 12 tomorrow even though my team asked for one week to go through paperwork.

“Tomorrow could be the day is executed as you can see on the vent he can clearly breathe when he wants to as well as cough, sneeze, yawn, stretch, swallow, spit etc.

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“Alder Hey want to take this life from us, from him.”

He added that while Alfie had previously been showing signs of improvement, last night he was having frequent seizures.

Tests showed Alfie had a urine infection and part of his right lung had collapsed and his left lung had consolidation on it.

Tom added the medication should make Alfie “better in days” and said : “The ventilator is not a cure it’s a temporary machine to support lungs. His antibiotics have got him through everything.”

He said: “His features haven’t changed, he hasn’t stopped growing, he responds to as much as he can, he fights through seizures without any effect taking to him.

“As I have said all along our son is not dying why should this have to happen to him?”