Jewish Rabbi: “Clergy Must be Willing to Speak Out” to Defend Killing Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 9, 2018   |   5:07PM   |   Washington, DC

A Jewish rabbi who urges clergy to become abortion activists will receive an award in April from an Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Cleveland Jewish News reports Rabbi Jon Adland of Temple Israel of Canton has been an abortion advocate himself for 30 years, and previously served as the chair of the clergy advocacy board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the largest abortion business in the United States. He also was on the board of the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio will present Adland with its “Partner in Faith” Award on April 25, according to the report.

“Despite the arguments of physicians and faith leaders, elected officials think nothing of legislating a woman’s womb,” he said in a news release. “Clergy must be willing to speak out. We need to be able to hear each other and hear that reproductive rights are part of our various faith traditions.”

Often the words coming out of abortion activists’ mouths are criticisms of religious people and groups who defend unborn babies’ lives. They like to claim religious people want to “force” their beliefs about abortion on women. But when religious people become abortion activists, those claims disappear and the abortion industry welcomes them with open arms.

The abortion industry shows its duplicity in such cases. It’s not really about religious beliefs but about whether someone will support its business of aborting nearly 1 million unborn babies every year. And whether secular or religious, a majority of people still believe that killing a defenseless unborn child in the womb is morally wrong.

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The top two Jewish rabbis in Israel have previously spoken out against abortion. They said that abortion kills thousands of Israeli babies a year and delays the coming of the Messiah.

The letter says “the vast majority of abortions are unnecessary and Halacha severely prohibits them” and says as many as 50,000 abortions are done annually in Israel.

They Jewish leaders also said abortions “delay the redemption” by postponing the coming of the Messiah.

Jews point to the teachings in the first chapter of the book of Exodus when Hebrew midwives Pu’ah and Shifra refuse to listen to the King of Egypt’s order to kill all male babies.

“But the midwives feared God and did not as the king of Egypt commanded,” the scriptures say.

The Jewish leaders say this should be a basis for an annual denunciation of abortion.