Cecile Richards: “It’s Incredible to Me” That Our Country Doesn’t Understand Abortion is a “Fundamental Human Right”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 5, 2018   |   10:41AM   |   Washington, DC

On the road for her book tour, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards told a group of college students Wednesday that killing an unborn baby is a “fundamental human right.”

The Pitt News reports Richards, the out-going, highly paid leader of America’s largest abortion business, spoke about her political advocacy work at the University of Pittsburgh.

“It’s incredible to me that we are still in a country that does not understand that health care should not be a privilege,” Richards said. “It is a fundamental human right.”

By health care, Richards means abortion on demand. The abortion chain has been equating health care with abortion recently to make its business of killing unborn babies – and the $500 million tax dollars it receives each year – sound better to American voters. Polls consistently show that most Americans do not support abortion on demand or taxpayer funding of abortions – two big issues for Planned Parenthood.

At another point on her talk, Richards claimed “that many of the United States’ current policies and rollbacks on health care — including on abortion — disproportionately affect women of color, low-income communities and immigrants. She said the disproportionate setbacks against marginalized communities is ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’”

In her mind, it is “cruel” for the government to prioritize life-affirming options and support to vulnerable pregnant moms, especially poor and minority women. These are exactly the women and unborn babies who Planned Parenthood preys on the most. One analysis found that Planned Parenthood placed 79 percent of its abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

Outside the event, a group of young pro-life advocates and feminists refuted Richards’ notions about the so-called “right” to violently end an unborn child’s life.

According to the report:

Aimee Murphy, 29, from Beechview, is the executive director of Rehumanize International. She said that many in the group identify as pro-life feminists and wanted to stand against abortion.

“For many of us who are pro-life feminists, we’re here to advocate for a different, nonviolent, holistic way of feminism that truly honors and values the human dignity of every human being,” Murphy said.

But according to Richards, abortion isn’t a choice for other people to make for an individual.

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Violence against an innocent human being should never be a “choice” under the law. Yet, Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry make millions of dollars every year aborting unborn babies and claiming they are empowering women in doing so. Planned Parenthood alone aborts about 320,000 unborn babies every year, according to its own annual reports.

An abortion is not a right. It destroys the rights of another human being, a vulnerable, defenseless human being who is dependent on his/her mother to grow. Abortion is an injustice against unborn babies, and, though it escapes Richards, this horrible fact is what keeps so many people from supporting her radical pro-abortion agenda.