University Hires Students to Promote Abortion on Campus

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 3, 2018   |   10:34AM   |   Baltimore, Maryland

As if the abortion industry needs any more help, some universities are hiring students to help promote abortions on campus.

College students already are bombarded with the pro-abortion agenda from professors and staff, student groups and abortion facilities nearby. California lawmakers even are pushing a bill to force state colleges to provide abortion pills to students on campus.

But apparently some colleges want even more.

According to Campus Reform, the University of Maryland Baltimore County Women’s Center and several other colleges advertise student positions to promote “reproductive justice,” the new phrase for abortion on demand.

The women’s center ad says it will pay students to write blog posts, run information tables at resource fairs, and research and develop educational programs on women’s issues, including abortion.

Here’s more from the report:

Students’ primary task, however, would be to facilitate workshops on issues that impact “women and/or marginalized groups,” such as “reproductive health and justice; body image… issues” according to the internship application.

Though hirees will also be involved in tasks such as greeting visitors, the job description ultimately frames the position as an excellent opportunity for those “interested in women’s, gender, and social justice issues” who want to “make campus-wide change.”

It found similar student positions at the University of Arizona, the University of California, Los Angeles and Washington State University.

Women in college already face a huge amount of pressure to abort unborn babies when they become pregnant. They are told that they can not handle parenting and college, that they should wait for a better time to have a child, that an abortion is virtually risk-free, and that there is very little support if they want to parent.

Abortion facilities target college-age women, too. A 2012 survey of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities found 75 percent were within walking distance of at least one college.

Perhaps these are some of the reasons why college-age women are the age group most likely to have abortions.

College campuses also can be extremely hostile to pro-life students and clubs. Students for Life of America has more than 1,000 student clubs on high school and college campuses; however, many have to fight just for official recognition and others face vandalism and threats.

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Fortunately, student pro-life clubs are working against this pro-death push. They recognize that young women need better support for themselves and their babies, not a stronger push to abort them. Many clubs offer support to pregnant and parenting students through scholarships, free babysitting, diaper drives and baby showers. Others lobby their colleges for better accommodations for pregnant and parenting moms, such as changing tables in restrooms.

These pro-life, pro-love initiatives are what really are empowering young women in America.