She Was Debating an Abortion Bill in the Legislature When She Felt Her Unborn Baby Hiccup

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 3, 2018   |   9:29AM   |   Columbus, OH

Planned Parenthood keeps saying it wants more women in the legislature. But it doesn’t mean women like Christina Hagan.

The Ohio state lawmaker is 29, proudly pro-life and expecting twins as she launches a campaign to run for U.S. Congress, the Washington Examiner reports.

Hagan speaks proudly of her children, born and unborn, and their involvement in her political work, including one very special moment when her oldest daughter was moving around inside her womb during an abortion debate.

According to the report:

[Her twins’] due date is Nov. 6, Election Day, appropriately enough, and the pregnancy is very much on brand for the candidate who styles herself “Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare.”

“When I was in the state legislature I was actually debating pro-life issues and I could feel my first child hiccuping in-utero,” Hagan remembers. “You know that child is separate, unique, and distinct from you because you can’t hiccup for the baby.” That experience has been an asset to her argument, she says, because it makes it difficult “for the extreme liberal Left to chastise” the opposition “when you’re actually the carrier of another human life.”

After her daughter was born, Hagan said she continued to bring her to work.

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“She cast every vote I cast,” she said. “Didn’t cry one time.”

Hagan is running for the open 16th Congressional District of Ohio seat. And though her campaign will be more difficult while being pregnant with the twins, Hagan said she can handle it.

She is exactly the kind of strong, capable woman who the abortion industry does not want in office.