Cecile Richards: I’m Glad I Turned My Kids Into Pro-Abortion Political Activists

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 2, 2018   |   12:06PM   |   Washington, DC

The children who Planned Parenthood does not abort it tries to indoctrinate with its radical pro-abortion agenda.

In an interview with amNewYork, abortion chain CEO Cecile Richards described how proud she feels about the young people in her life who have grown up to be abortion activists – especially her own children.

Richards is getting another wave of positive publicity from liberal media this month, leading up to the release of her memoir “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead” on Tuesday.

The daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, she talked about her life-long political activism and her desire to make her children political activists, too.

Asked about her favorite chapter in the book, Richards told the station:

“Probably the chapter about raising activist kids. I have three kids, and they really grew up on campaigns. You never know how that’s going to work out, but they turned out to be such amazing, independent thinking and speaking adults. I think sometimes you could look back and say, would it have been better to stay home and be there for them every moment of the day? But I think what I really found out is that bringing them along the journey with me was an incredible gift for both of us.”

By independent thinkers, Richards means anything but that. All three of her born children (she aborted at least one) followed in her footsteps and became liberal political activists. Her oldest works for the pro-abortion lawmaker Kamala Harris who prosecuted David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trade.

Richards said she is proud of her abortion chain’s influence on other young people, too.

The interview continued:

“Make Trouble” mentions Planned Parenthood employees that have inspired you. What lessons have you learned from them?

What I really learned is from not so much employees but from young people who are peer advocates. Young high school kids who learn everything there is to know about sex and sex education, and they become like the underground railroad of sex ed in their high schools. One of the young people I met my first month on the job is named Lindsay Swisher, who had been a peer educator. She not only went away to college, she was a leader there, went to the Peace Corps, and now she’s studying to get her masters. She said it really was her experience of being an advocate for Planned Parenthood in high school that gave her the skills and the commitment to do this work for the rest of her life. It was reminiscent of what a lot of us saw this last weekend in marches across the country of young people who are speaking up about gun violence. To me, investing is young people is the most important thing we can do as an organization and as a country.

These “peer educators” are young people who Planned Parenthood trains to teach sex education to fellow students at their public schools. A Washington state mother who recently sat in on one of these classes said these so-called peer educators read from scripted cards and could not competently answer basic questions about sex.

Planned Parenthood destroys about 320,000 unborn children every year, and pushes its risky, anti-family, anti-life sexual agenda on thousands outside the womb in public schools every year. Born and unborn, children deserve better than the corrupting, life-destroying political agenda of Planned Parenthood.