Beauty Magazine “Allure” Slams Pregnancy Centers as “Bull—-” Places “Keeping Women From Abortions”

National   |   Corinne Weaver   |   Mar 27, 2018   |   9:32AM   |   Washington, DC

As the latest Supreme Court case to address abortion and free speech comes to the public eye, the leftwing media have decided that their own opinion deserves to be front and center.

The oral arguments presented for National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra were heard on March 20. California laws mandating that clinics should advise their pregnant patients that the abortion option is available are being contested by crisis pregnancy centers as a violation of free speech. But while the court was weighing the case, the media made their own ruling: crisis pregnancy centers are “bullshit,” “keeping women from abortions,” “putting women of color … at risk,” and “resort[ing] to manipulation or even outright deception.”

Hayley MacMillen, writing for the beauty mag Allure, stated that crisis pregnancy centers are “what appear[] to be clinics with comprehensive pregnancy-related care,” but women are told that, “Not only is abortion dangerous, there’s a good chance you’ll regret having one for the rest of your life.” She summed up her opinion on the subject, saying, “None of this is true.”

On top of all this, crisis pregnancy centers apparently “put women of color and women in the South — groups already facing many barriers to reproductive care — at particular risk.” The horror. If one were to believe Allure, crisis pregnancy clinics are forcing women to carry children they don’t want at the risk of their health.

Rolling Stone agreed, using “anecdotal evidence” to prove its point: “There is as yet no quantitative evidence that women are actually deceived into not having abortions when they go to these centers, but there is much anecdotal evidence that women who go to them are shamed and lied to.” David S. Cohen even argued that free speech and the 1st amendment didn’t count in this situation, since “there are instance when people can be forced to speak.”

BuzzFeed wrote that since “the Obama administration and many women’s health advocates have argued that these organizations cannot replace medically qualified health centers that provide abortion and contraception.”

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Clearly, if Obama and his administration said it, it must be so. After all, it’s the traditional pro-life stance that is so evil. Teen Vogue’s Linley Sanders told the story of Lauren Gray, who apparently was put at risk of “being tricked or delayed in seeking an abortion” because she mistakenly walked into one of these “evil” crisis pregnancy centers.”

LifeNews Note: Corinne Weaver writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.