Abortion Activist Admits Women Use Abortions for Birth Control: “Women Have Had 7 Abortions”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 27, 2018   |   11:29AM   |   London, England

Two abortion supporters wrangled about late-term abortions on British public radio Monday as the abortion industry puts pressure on the government to end late-term abortion limits.

England allows abortions up to 24 weeks for any reason, and later in circumstances related to the health of the mother or her unborn child. The country is experiencing a political tug-of-war between those who think the abortion limit should be reduced to reflect new viability standards and those who believe abortion should be allowed for any reason up to birth – including for birth control reasons.

On her show Monday, talk radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer, a “staunch feminist” who supports abortion, discussed the debate with Clare Murphy, an executive at the abortion chain the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Though there is evidence that women use abortion as a form of contraception, Murphy refused to admit it.

Hartley-Brewer said she also supports abortion, but admitted that at some point “you have to accept that a baby has rights, too.”

However, Murphy would not concede the point, even for viable late-term unborn babies.

“Because the ethical consequences of whether to carry that pregnancy to term or end that pregnancy lie with the woman who’s pregnant, it should be her decision [on if and when to abort],” she argued.

Their conversation turned to abortion as a form of contraception, which Murphy refused to admit occurs.

According to the report:

Julia argued, “I would say that, even as a staunch feminist, who agrees with the right to abortion, at some point you have to accept the baby has some rights too.”

She also said she’d “march in the streets for the rights of women to have abortions as a last resort, not as a form of contraception”.

Murphy said “I can tell you very clearly that the women sitting in our waiting rooms now do not want to be there” and “women do not use abortion as a form of contraception” but, according to Julia, “some do”, the presenter adding that she knows “women who’ve had seven abortions”.

“Women do not use abortion as a form of contraception -” Murphy began to say.

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But Hartley-Brewer interrupted, saying: “No, some women do. No, no, I’ve spoken to doctors who had patients who routinely used [abortion] as a form of contraception.”

Interestingly, Murphy contradicted her own abortion chain’s CEO, Ann Furedi, who admitted in 2017 that “abortion is birth control that women need when their regular method lets them down.”

Some women have admitted to using abortion as a method of birth control. And 2016 study from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute indicated more than half of women who abort their unborn babies have had previous abortions.

The reasons why these women had abortions were not reported; but, as the pro-abortion researchers implied, the abortion industry sells abortion as a means for women to “achieve their desired family size.”