Woman With Down Syndrome Lectures UN: Complains “Eugenics is Becoming a Thing to Admire”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 26, 2018   |   3:37PM   |   Washington, DC

With nations doing everything possible to “eliminate” Down syndrome by killing as many babies who have it as possible you had to know that in time people with Down Syndrome would speak out in outrage. And that is exactly what is happening at the United Nations.

As TownHall reports:

During a recent speech given at the United Nations in Geneva, Charlotte Fien, a British woman with Down syndrome, said that the Down syndrome community is in danger of becoming extinct because of the rise in abortions.

“So, why are we in such danger of being made extinct today? Because eugenics is becoming a thing to admire.”

Fien said that although the Down syndrome community is making progress and continues to integrate into society, there are still countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom where aborting babies on the basis of their Down syndrome diagnosis is becoming more common.

“If the UN is really serious about human rights, then they will start to act and condemn eugenics against my community. If the UN is to be taken seriously, then they will create sanctions against countries practicing eugenics.”

“They (the UN) need to put an end to the genocide against people with Down syndrome,” she said.

Eugenics is the exact correct term to use in this case. When nations like Iceland and Denmark are bragging about how they have killed almost every baby with Down syndrome and have achieved almost a 100% kill rate there is no better word to describe it.

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There is a groupthink out there that says it is sacrosanct to ever compare anything to the Nazi Holocaust. But part of the Nazi Holocaust was an elimination of people with disabilities including Down syndrome. What the world does now to unborn babies with Down syndrome is no different. Instead of killing people with Down syndrome in Nazi gas chambers, we kill them in abortion clinics.