March for Our Lives Counterprotestor Says “Abortion Kills More People Than Guns”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 26, 2018   |   10:54AM   |   Washington, DC

A counter-protester who held pro-life signs during the March for Our Lives over the weekend says that the focus of the event is ignoring the bigger form of violence.

The pro-life advocate says the march really needs to be focused on how abortion kills unborn children — because they are victimized by violence at far greater numbers than those who are killed by guns.

Victims of both gun violence and abortion violence should be remembered and the destruction of human life as a result of either is certainly a tragedy. But the 53 year old Indiana man who counter protested says that people need to keep in perspective how abortion kills many many times more people every day than guns do:

As Washington Post reports:

At the intersection of 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Phil Miedzinski stands with a huge banner that reads: “Rethink your outrage. Guns kill 18 youths daily. Abortion kills 3,500 daily.”

“I want the outrage to go both ways. Abortion kills more people than guns,” Miedzinski said.

He says he’s been getting yelled at, a lot.

“Who are you, some white dude, to say this to me?” a woman walking by shouted.

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“You’re killing children,” Miedzinski called back.

Miedzinski, a 53-year-old Uber driver from Indian Head, Md., says his Christian faith, not political positions, motivates him to do this.

A few people made supportive comments. “Keep up the good work,” one woman whispered to him as she walked by.