Planned Parenthood: “Say Thank You” to Abortionsts for Killing Unborn Babies

National   |   Brittany Hughes   |   Mar 12, 2018   |   4:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Remember back when former President Bill Clinton advocated for abortion as “safe, legal and rare”?

Welcome to 2018 America, where the legal practice of dismembering living children is now public, encouraged, and celebrated.

In a move nearly as sick as the 900 or so murders that take place behind the closed doors of their clinic every single day, Planned Parenthood on Monday tweeted in celebration of “National Day of Appreciate for Abortion Providers” — which is, apparently, a thing.

On this National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, say thank you to the people who care for patients every day:

— Planned Parenthood (@PPFA) March 10, 2018

Yep. “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers – a holiday that ranks right up there with “International Gas Chamber Operators’ Day” and “National Day of Slave Owners’ Remembrance.”

Thankfully, the abortion giant’s tweet didn’t pass without some serious criticism from the internet public.

Keep patients Safe from What? A crying baby?

— John J. Griffin (@johnjardee) March 12, 2018

You should get @HooverUSA or @BISSELLclean to be corporate sponsors.

— 🈶 Lord God King Boo-fuu 🈳 (@lordgodbufuu) March 12, 2018

Thank you @ppfa for all you do. Taking tax payer money, killing the unborn, normalizing gendercide, masquerading as a pro-woman organization, leading the death culture and umm… being proud! #330kAnnually #900aDay #VeryEfficient

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— Troy A. Sing (@TroySing) March 10, 2018

You have a National Appreciation Day for this?!?! You can’t be serious…🤢

— christine flowers (@cristeenflourz) March 10, 2018

“Who keep the patients healthy and safe”….. What about the baby that’s murdered? They sure as hell ain’t “safe” by no means.

— Jen A (@JLA1017) March 11, 2018

And right after black history month Margret Sanger would be proud

— Jesse (@JesseWingo79) March 11, 2018

LifeNews Note: Brittany Hughes writes for MRCTV, where this originally appeared.