Baby Born So Prematurely She Spent Two Years in the Hospital Finally Goes Home

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 9, 2018   |   6:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Tallulah-Belle has been on a roller-coaster journey ever since she was born 11 weeks prematurely in 2015.

The 2-year-old British infant spent two years in the hospital struggling with chronic lung disease but finally is home with her family, TV 3 reports.

Her mother, Rianna Price, of Gosport in Hampshire, England said she is looking forward to finally spending Mother’s Day at home with her daughter.

“I can’t wait for this year’s Mother’s Day, to relax at home and enjoy time with the family,” she said.

Price said she and her fiance were so excited when they learned that they were pregnant with their first child, Tallulah-Belle, but she started to worry when she noticed that her belly was not growing bigger.

“I was still a size six at 29 weeks, so I asked the midwife to measure me. She ran a scan, just to be sure, and realised my baby hadn’t grown since 20 weeks,” she said.

Fearing that Tallulah-Belle was not receiving enough nutrients, doctors immediately performed an emergency cesarean section, according to the report. The tiny baby girl was born on Oct. 2, 2015 weighing 1 pound 2 ounces.

“I didn’t see her for the first time until around eight hours later, and couldn’t cuddle her for about three weeks, because she was so small,” her mother remembered. “When you have a baby, you expect them to be passed straight to you, so you can hold them. But we never got any of that.”

Over the past two years, Tallulah-Belle has struggled with chronic lung disease. Initially, she relied on a ventilator, but when she turned 1, doctors inserted a tracheostomy to help her breathe, according to the report.

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“We were only meant to be in charity housing by the hospital for 10 days, but, after Tallulah-Belle suddenly declined, we faced set back after set back,” her mother said. “In the end, we stayed for two years.”

While caring for Tallulah-Belle in the hospital, Price became pregnant with a second child, now 8-month-old Penelope. As the family celebrated her birth, they held onto hope for their oldest daughter as well.

In November, Tallulah-Belle finally was well enough to go home from the hospital. Her parents said she needs continuous care, but she has been doing relatively well at home.

“It was incredible to bring her home,” her mother said. “Tallulah-Belle has a hospital bed and oxygen in the house. There’s also an awful lot of medicine and syringes she has to have. But at least she’s home.”

Though the family is not sure what the future will hold for their daughter, they are thankful for every day that they have with her.

“We’re all so proud of her and I can’t wait for Mother’s Day,” Price said.