Activists Will Celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, Will “Send a Message of Love” to Abortionists

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 9, 2018   |   6:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Because there’s a week for everything nowadays, abortion activists have set aside March 5 to 9 as a time for women to thank the people who abort their unborn babies.

They also have dubbed March 10 as “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.”

“Whether you’ve had an abortion, you’ve thought about an abortion, or you just love someone who had an abortion, it’s important to remember how valuable these health-care providers are in our communities. This March 10, take some time out of your day to make sure your local abortion provider knows just how appreciated they are,” according to a fluffy, feel-good piece on the pro-abortion blog Rewire.

The blog encourages abortion activists to send messages of “love and support” to their local abortionists, and gives 10 reasons why.

The first reason portrays the billion-dollar abortion industry as a kind, self-sacrificing movement of abortionists who help “make sure you’re safe from sexual violence and domestic violence at home.” This completely ignores studies, undercover investigations and legal prosecutions indicating that abortion facilities frequently ignore and help cover up sexual abuse. For example, Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer was forced to close in 2015 after he allegedly failed to report suspected rapes of several teen girls to authorities.

Another reason claims abortionists respect women’s choices, even if they change their minds about having abortions. Yet, the pro-abortion movement is working aggressively to steer women away from alternatives to abortion. They have launched baseless attacks against pregnancy resource centers and even a new medical treatment that can reverse the abortion pill and save unborn babies’ lives. So they may say they support choices, but the only choice they actually support is abortion.

The fifth reason claims that abortionists “provide great medical care.” But they also fight against laws requiring basic health and safety standards for their facilities. Many abortionists also travel frequently from state to state doing abortions and leaving women with no one to turn to for help if something goes wrong.

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Abortionists destroy the lives of nearly 1 million unborn babies every year in America, and leave many of their mothers suffering from physical and emotional problems for the rest of their lives.

Many abortion facilities lie to women, telling them that there are virtually no abortion risks and that their unborn babies are not really babies yet.

The abortion industry, under the guise of being pro-woman, treats women’s power to reproduce as a disease, a curse. It tells women that they must be able to kill their unborn babies to be successful, to compete with men, to achieve their dreams.

That’s nothing to be thankful for.