Satanist Sues to Stop Pro-Life Law Telling Women Abortion Kills a “Living Human Being”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 6, 2018   |   1:27PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

Satanists aggressively are fighting to overturn a Missouri law that informs women that an abortion kills a “separate, unique, living human being.”

On Monday, the Satanic Temple announced its third lawsuit to challenge state abortion regulations, the AP reports.

Though its previous two lawsuits largely have been unsuccessful, the pro-abortion religious group has not given up. It currently is appealing a similar lawsuit to the Missouri Supreme Court.

Filed on behalf of one of its members, the new lawsuit argues that the state law forced “Judy Doe” to receive a booklet with “factually inaccurate” information that is “designed to dissuade women from getting an abortion,” according to Brinkwire. In addition, it says Doe had to wait 72 hours and consider the information prior to having an abortion.

The Satanists group claims the law violates its First Amendment religious freedom.

“With a bald theocratic imposition of abortion restrictions into Missouri state law, and a continued expansion of religious privilege and exemption, Missouri lawmakers are going to be forced to accept that there are religious perspectives, just as deeply-held, that may directly contradict their own religious beliefs and directives,” spokesperson Lucien Greaves said in a statement.

Loree Anne Paradise, state Attorney General Josh Hawley’s deputy chief of staff, told the AP that they will “vigorously defend” Missouri’s common sense abortion regulations.

While the Satanists claim the law has “no legitimate secular purpose,” they have failed repeatedly with their court challenges.

The informed consent law is based on scientific facts, not Christian or Jewish or Buddhist or any other religion’s beliefs. Scientifically, it is well established that a unique new human life comes into being at the moment of conception. Likewise, the information women receive as part of informed consent — facts about their unborn baby’s development and abortion risks – also are backed up by strong scientific research.

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This radical Satanists group has been trying to stop fact-based laws in Missouri for years. They have staged bizarre and grotesque protests, launched publicity campaigns following them step by step as they plan and arrange to kill their unborn babies in abortions, and repeatedly challenged these laws in court.

Breitbart described the Satanic Temple’s actions as a “pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider,” Planned Parenthood.

In 2016, a federal judge threw out the Satanic Temple’s challenge of the Missouri 72-hour waiting period law. U.S. District Judge Henry Edward Autrey ruled that the plaintiff “Mary Doe” failed to show “sufficiently concrete injuries” resulting from the law. The Satanic Temple lost a similar challenge at the state level earlier that year.