Council of Europe Says Killing Unborn Babies in Abortions is a “Human Right” So Malta Must Legalize Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 26, 2018   |   12:30PM   |   Valleta, Malta

One by one, powerful European agencies are pressuring the last pro-life countries on the continent to legalize abortion on demand.

Calling the killing of unborn babies a “human right,” Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muižnieks recently criticized Malta for prohibiting abortion.

“Malta’s total ban on abortion contradicts the norms of international human rights law, because it denies women a range of fundamental human rights. The Maltese authorities should remedy this situation,” Muižnieks wrote in the Times of Malta.

The small Mediterranean nation is one of the few countries left in Europe that protects unborn babies’ right to life. Poland and Ireland are two others, though Ireland has a referendum vote on its pro-life constitutional amendment scheduled for May.

The United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe and other agencies have been putting pressure on these countries to legalize abortion on demand for years.

“From a thorough analysis of human rights standards and jurisprudence applicable to Council of Europe Member States, it is clear to me that women’s human rights cannot be protected without ensuring their effective access to safe and legal abortion care,” Muižnieks wrote in his appeal to Maltese politicians.

He dismissed the fact that unborn babies are human beings who deserve rights.

“I am aware that some argue in favour of restrictions on access to abortion on the basis of a purported ‘prenatal right to life,’” he continued. “However, after a thorough analysis of how the right to life is interpreted within core treaties, it is clear to me that this right does not apply prior to birth and that international human rights law and mechanisms do not recognise a prenatal right to life.”

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Muižnieks cloaked his radical pro-abortion position in compassionate-sounding terms, saying, “The next step should be to ensure that no practical, financial or other barrier prevents women from accessing affordable abortion care services.”

These are the words abortion activists use to promote abortion on demand up to birth and taxpayer funding of abortions – two radically pro-abortion positions that very few people support.

A few years ago, international abortion supporters also accused Malta of “torture” because the country protects unborn babies’ lives. The accusation came from the International Commission of Jurists, a human rights organization, in a report to the Human Rights Council. The organization accused Malta of unnecessarily endangering women’s lives by prohibiting abortions.

Malta protects unborn babies’ right to life in all circumstances, and has excellent maternal health care.