Benham Brothers’ Father Arrested for Praying in Front of an Abortion Clinic

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 26, 2018   |   6:31PM   |   Washington, DC

The Benham brothers are no stranger to controversy. HGTV ultimately cancelled their show because of their pro-life views. After facing discrimination of their own now their father is facing discrimination.

In a new post the Benham brothers wrote at WorldNetDaily, they describe how their Christian father was arrested for praying outside an abortion clinic.

The arrest is just the latest targeting of peaceful pro-life people who pray outside abortion clinics or offer women information about abortion alternatives. Leading pro-abortion politicians have been specifically targeting pro-life advocates, including in New York state — where the Office of the Attorney General was caught creating a fake Facebook profile to spy on pro-life people and compile potentially negative information about them for the purposes of suing them and denying them their free speech rights.

Here is more information on the arrest of the Benham brothers father:

On Saturday, we got a text from our sister that our dad had been arrested while ministering at an abortion clinic. She had no idea why, nor did he.

It turned out someone had taken out a warrant for his arrest – without obtaining a police report or any verification of the claim whatsoever. He was released the same day and sent us the below email after he got home.

We’re living in some crazy times.

“I was taken to jail yesterday at an abortion mill (a preferred women’s health clinic) because a foul-mouthed, pro-abortion woman had sworn out a warrant for my arrest, saying I approached her in a threatening manner. She claimed I said, ‘You are dead,’ and that I said it repeatedly so that she, or any ‘reasonable person,’ would fear for his life.’

This supposed “confrontation” took place one week ago, on Saturday, February 17, 2018. That morning, there were between 15-20 uniformed policemen on duty because we had about 250 Christian moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and boys and girls praying and singing across the street from that abortion clinic. It was a loving example of God’s goodness to give these mommas a choice.

This pro-abortion woman then got on her bullhorn and began shouting vulgarities and epithets at the Christian families across the street. It was at this time that I walked across the driveway, while remaining on the sidewalk, and spoke with her. I asked her to please stop berating these families and saying four-letter words in the presence of children.

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Interestingly, she communicated not one word of this supposed “threat” to any of the uniformed policemen that day. I wonder why? Because there was no visible, audible or perceivable threat made to her or anyone else. As a matter of fact, there was no threat at all – just an invitation to ask Jesus into her heart so that He could make it brand new.

She waited until she could go to a magistrate, without a police report, and get the magistrate to swear out a warrant for my arrest. Mind you, without a police report, she was allowed to swear out a warrant for my arrest. When the policemen came to arrest me, they were all apologetic and said they had no idea someone could obtain a warrant for my arrest without a police report. It broke all protocol.

My court date is April 17, 2018.