Did You Know There is a Pro-Abortion Adoption Agency?

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 23, 2018   |   5:52PM   |   Washington, DC

In pro-lifers’ minds, adoption is a loving alternative to abortion for the mother and her unborn child. But in the minds of many abortion activists, it’s just another choice for a pregnant woman.

And that’s how the Choice Network, a pro-abortion adoption agency, treats it – as a matter that’s only about the pregnant woman.

The Daily Caller recently highlighted the adoption group, one of only six “pro-choice” adoption agencies in the country. It counts Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics as its partners.

Agency founder Molly Rampe told the DC:

“It’s not about standing out from abortion clinics for us. It’s about being a seamless partner in their work,” Rampe also said. She did note, however, that her organization stands out in adoptions because it creates plans that focus on the pregnant person rather than the adoptive parent or child. No one is doing parenting work well,” she added, explaining that Choice Network is currently seeking funding to create a program to get and keep kids out of foster care.

Rampe said they want to make sure “pregnant people” are at peace about their decision to make an adoption plan. If not, the agency will help them consider other options by directing them to abortion facilities or parenting resources.

“We let them know that whatever choice they make they will be okay,” Rampe said.

On its website, the agency says it follows:

“a new set of standards that include providing on-going counseling where we re-visit all options often; ensuring pregnant people are at the center of the plan (rather than adoptive families / adoptees); allowing pregnant people to choose their family; fighting for open adoptions; providing life-long services that include counseling and relationship building with the family; including the birth father in the plan from beginning to end whenever possible; and, being inclusive of all families. These standards separate us from [99 percent of other adoption] agencies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In other words, the agency will ask potentially vulnerable, scared pregnant women again if they are sure they do not want to abort their child. Women certainly should not be coerced into making an adoption plan for their child, either, but studies indicate that many of these women already may be facing intense pressure to abort their unborn babies. Pregnant women who seek out adoption agencies deserve support and encouragement, not more doubts and questioning.

Another problem is that the Choice Network’s focus is on the woman alone, rather than, as it should be, both individuals involved in the adoption: the woman and her child.

Rampe said, “All pregnant people deserve support and love.”

Support and love certainly should be the key focus of any adoption agency. But this particular agency avoids saying anything about the unborn babies who also deserve love and support. If it did, the message would conflict with its mission of “choice” for the “pregnant person” and that person alone – including the choice to destroy their unborn baby’s life in an abortion.

Mixing abortion and adoption into a mission is like mixing oil and water. But abortion advocates just don’t seem to be able to understand that every pregnancy involves two people who both deserve love and support.