97% of Pro-Life Group’s Clients Would Refer a Friend for Its Pregnancy Support Services

Opinion   |   Lauren Enriquez   |   Feb 21, 2018   |   4:33PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion industry often makes claims that pro-life organizations mislead, deceive, and shame women into using their services.  The picture they paint is that pro-life groups guilt women into choosing life for their children against their will.

But what if the truth is that pregnant women, whether they choose to abort or not, genuinely appreciate compassionate, non-judgmental care and a helping hand – even if that hand belongs to a pro-life care worker?

Human Coalition provides holistic, compassionate care to women at high risk to abort.  Its goal is to rescue the child from abortion by providing professional, comprehensive care to the child’s mother and her family.  Human Coalition reaches out to this “abortion-determined” population, inviting them into their care system which includes pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, and a continuum of care program (long-term support and care for the family through relationships with internal and third-party care providers).

Because Human Coalition is deeply committed to providing excellent service and care, it routinely asks clients to rate its services and care model through exit surveys. Human Coalition uses survey results to improve its quality of care over time.

The survey results also make a compelling point – women at high risk to abort do not find compassionate, pro-life care to be off-putting or offensive.  In fact, they indicate a deep appreciation for such care – even if they still end up choosing abortion.

97% of Human Coalition clients agree or strongly agree they would refer Human Coalition’s women’s care clinics to a friend.  That population includes women who chose life and those who didn’t, with virtually no statistical difference between the two groups.  In short, even a woman who unfortunately chooses to abort after receiving care is highly likely to refer other pregnant women to Human Coalition, knowing that Human Coalition works to save lives, not abort them.

Though Human Coalition and other groups are frequent targets of online and offline smear campaigns, false allegations, and attempts to cease operations, the reality is that pregnant women deeply appreciate genuine and helpful care – even if it is provided by pro-life groups who would love nothing more for both mom and baby to thrive.

Human Coalition‘s abortion-ending strategy fuses technology, best practices, and tangible help to compassionately serve the unreached abortion-determined woman. Our team of diverse professionals tirelessly refines proprietary technologies and holistic approaches to rescue children and serve families in America’s most abortion-dense cities.