Uber Abortions: Volunteers Drive Women to Other States for Late-Term Abortions

National   |   Indya Rennie   |   Feb 14, 2018   |   1:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Compassion causes people to sacrifice their time, money, and safety to help those who are less fortunate. This sense of compassion is what prompts Diana and her network of volunteers provide transportation for women who seek abortions.

It is unfortunate that their “compassion” consists of assisting a woman in ending the life of another human being.

The Huffington Post reports Diana is one of many volunteers who run a “service,” similar to Uber or Lyft, that transports women to and from abortion clinics. Women rely on this service, especially in states with few abortion clinics and no public transportation, according to the report.

Diana described the extent to which she “helped” one desperate woman abort her unborn baby several years ago. She said she drove many hours through several states, spent the night in Washington D.C., trekked to New York City, and then drove 12 hours back home—all so that a pregnant mother named Kim could have an abortion that she said was compatible with her medical issues. Though the report does not describe many details of the abortion, it appears that the woman may have aborted a late-term unborn baby.

The report praises Diana and her fellow volunteers, and laments the obstacles that they face as they help women to access abortions.

One major obstacle is the lack of abortion clinics. Many clinics have closed because they endangered women by failing to meet health and safety requirements. Others shut down because they lost business. More teens are making healthier choices, and teen pregnancies and abortions are at an all-time low, according to the Guttmacher Institute. And more mothers are learning that they have other options beside abortions.

This awareness of options comes in large part through pro-life legislation and pregnancy resource centers.

One of the laws that the Huffington Post cites as an obstacle are mandatory waiting periods. Yet, these waiting periods protect the many women who are coerced into having abortions, and provide them with the opportunity to choose to protect their baby’s life, LifeNews previously reported.

And then there are the individuals that Huffington Post labels as “protesters.” During events like the 40 Days for Life campaign, these “protesters” line abortion clinics and pray for women contemplating abortions. They provide facts that the abortion industry hides, such as the regret that women often experience after having abortions. The volunteers often direct the expectant mothers to pregnancy help centers, where women receive the material, counseling, and medical support necessary to be able to care for their babies. As of 2015, their efforts have resulted in at least 10,000 mothers choosing life for their babies.

That is the true compassion that every woman deserves.