Sick Planned Parenthood Valentine’s Day Prank Asks People to Show “Love” for Abortion

National   |   Indya Rennie   |   Feb 14, 2018   |   2:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood’s Valentine’s Day prank demonstrates just how devoid the organization is of true love.

To spite United States Vice President Mike Pence and re-enact a previous prank, Planned Parenthood released a call this Valentine’s Day to donate to their abortion group in Pence’s name, the Federalist reports.

The abortion chain apparently is replicating actress Mila Kunis’ prank that accomplished the same trick. Planned Parenthood jokingly remarked that it is urging this donation to “break Mike Pence’s heart.”

The remainder of the report demonstrates that the vice president’s heart is not the only one that Planned Parenthood seeks to break.

Planned Parenthood breaks the hearts of millions of mothers. A recent study in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons showed that women often feel remorse, shame and depression after having abortions. They may fall into unhealthy lifestyles as a result of those feelings, as well. Studies indicate that women have a higher risk of depression, premature births, and even breast cancers as a result of an abortion. Tragically, some women also have lost their lives along with their unborn babies during abortions. This is not surprising, considering the reports that have surfaced of the abortion giant’s lack of basic health care considerations.

Planned Parenthood breaks the hearts of minorities and those with disabilities. True to the eugenic legacy of its founder Margaret Sanger, the abortion giant placed 79 percent of its clinics within walking distance of minority communities, according to a 2012 study by Protecting Black Life.

The Federalist reported:

“In a rare, strange transparent moment, a Planned Parenthood group actually tweeted that African-American women are safer aborting their babies than birthing them. So instead of providing better maternity care to African-Americans, let’s just kill their kids? That’s Planned Parenthood’s grisly logic.”

Unborn babies with disabilities have also been targeted by the abortion industry. For example, the United States has aborted between 60 and 90 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. As Charlotte, a young woman with Down Syndrome, responded to a United Nation member’s discriminatory abortion comments, “What you are suggesting is eugenics. It’s disgusting and evil.”

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Planned Parenthood breaks the hearts of young girls trapped in human trafficking situations. It not only has been caught failing to report such incidences, but it also has been caught encouraging sex traffickers on how to continue their ghastly work.

Planned Parenthood breaks the hearts of law-abiding citizens. Despite the recent exposure of their trafficking of human body parts, they continue to receive millions of dollars in taxpayer funding and private donations, enabling them to continue their unethical practices.

Planned Parenthood breaks the hearts – and the rest of the bodies – of millions of babies. It has been a staunch defender of dismemberment abortions, where the baby is literally torn apart limb by limb and crushed with a pair of forceps while their heart still is beating.

It is truly heartbreaking that such an organization continues to exist and thrive in the United States.