Massive Campaign of 1,000 Pro-Life Volunteers Will Work to Stop Ireland From Legalizing Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 13, 2018   |   12:08PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

For the pro-life movement there is no bigger battle this year than the campaign to stop efforts to legalize abortion in Ireland.

The 8th amendment has saved the lives of tens of thousands of unborn children from abortion and has protected women who have been killed and injured by abortions worldwide. But pro-abortion campaigners want to tear down that legal protection for human beings before birth.

Several different pro-life organizations within Ireland are working overtime to protect the 8th Amendment and one of them is the Save the 8th coalition. That organization of 62 local groups from every part of the country are working to save the Eighth Amendment and protect unborn children and they are training 1,000 volunteers from various backgrounds to reach out to Irish people Nationwide.

One thousand pro-life activists campaigned in cities, towns, villages, and rural communities across Ireland this past week, as Savethe8th declared that “the rebellion has begun”.

62 local groups, formed in every part of the country, are now equipped, trained, and participating in the campaign to retain the 8th amendment, with that number expected to grow again in the run-up to the vote. These groups comprise students, parents, working people, retired folk, and the new Irish: a diverse and growing group representing every strand of Irish society.

Savethe8th has set a target of knocking on 700,000 doors by polling day, of which almost 220,000 have already been reached. Additionally, the campaign expects to reach hundreds of thousands more voters through street stalls, public meetings, and other campaign events that will be announced in due course.

Preparation for the campaign has been ongoing for over a year, Savethe8th’s Niamh Uí Bhrian revealed, as she promised to “take the fight” to those pushing to repeal the 8th amendment.

“Over the past year, as we have prepared for this campaign, we have been astonished at the strength of feeling amongst the Irish people. It has become abundantly clear that pro-life voters are not just concerned, they are mutinous.

Now, the time for rebellion is upon us.

This referendum has been bought, packaged, and presented by a narrow clique of lobbyists, politicians, and full-time paid activists. It has never been on the agenda for the Irish people – only their journalists, politicians and taxpayer-funded lobby groups.

Our activists, by contrast, are ordinary people. They are young and old, religious and atheist, Irish-born and immigrant. All of them share a fundamental belief in the right to life, and a sense of outrage at the political establishment for the rigged process that has given us this unjust referendum.

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Our ground campaign has been strong for months, but as we get closer to the referendum, the campaign getting fully underway, and we have been experiencing a surge of numbers across the country.

This government has put abortion on demand on the ballot paper. The Irish people have been given a simple choice: acquiescence, or rebellion. Everything we are seeing on the ground tells us that the rebellion is growing stronger by the day”.