Doctor Offered to “Get Rid of the Pregnancy” and Abort the Baby if Tests Showed a Girl

International   |   Indya Rennie   |   Feb 9, 2018   |   12:21PM   |   Gurugram, India

It is ironic that the abortion industry, which claims to be liberating women, is zealously killing them before they are born.

A gynecologist in Gurugram, India allegedly was caught contributing to India’s gender imbalance problem by illegally offering to provide sex selection abortions for unborn baby girls.

The doctor was exposed after interacting with a Matiala resident who was taking his brother-in-law’s pregnant wife to the doctor’s clinic, Medical Dialogues reports. The 30-year-old mother also has a 12-year-old daughter and had undergone two previous miscarriages.

During her clinical visit on Jan. 6, the gynecologist allegedly offered to provide sex-selective services. “During the test, the doctor asked her whether she desired a boy or a girl child,” the Matiala resident informed TOI. “The doctor also told the patient that her contacts in Dubai would help her getting a sex determination test done. And in case of a female child, they would also help her get rid of the pregnancy.”

This encounter prompted the Matiala resident to file a complaint with the Gurugram health department.

B. K. Rajora, Gurugram’s chief medical officer, confirmed that he received the complaint. The clinic and the doctor must now comply with a “show cause” notice and attempt to explain the doctor’s actions, according to the report. In addition, the clinic will face action under the PC-PNDT act of India, because the gynecologist allegedly performed an obstetrics ultrasound without being registered.

Rajora informed TOI: “We will complete the inquiry by the end of next week. And if found guilty, we will take necessary action.”

Sex selection abortions have been illegal in India since 1994, when lawmakers passed the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act to address the alarming distorted ratio of boys to girls in India.

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In 1961, there were 976 girls for every 1000 boys 7 and younger. However, despite the legal response, the number dropped to 914 girls in 2011. In the state of Tiruvannamalai alone, men outnumbered women at a ratio of 1000 to 878, according to the BBC.

Health officials such as Naveen Jain work tirelessly to correct this problem, both through legal and cultural means.

“We work in two ways — we enforce law as well as create awareness among people,” he said during a healthcare summit last fall. “An ideal situation would be that a man with a sex determination machine is inviting people to use it but people are saying that we don’t want to do it. Therefore, enforcement and awareness should go hand in hand.”

It seems that Jain’s ideal situation came to pass in this case of the Matiala resident and his brother-in-law’s wife.

Let’s hope that it happens in the United States also, where Planned Parenthood’s dedication to protecting women’s safety leads it to promote the killing of women before they are born.