Pope Francis: More People Need to Join Pro-Life Efforts to Stop Abortion

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 7, 2018   |   5:42PM   |   Washington, DC

Pope Francis says he is concerned that not enough people are not involved in lifesaving efforts to end abortion. With so many direct attacks, Pope Francis said he is worried that so few people are involved in pro-life activities.

No matter where anyone lives, chances are their lives are touched by abortion and euthanasia. As LifeNews has reported, abortion reports worldwide estimate that 1 billion babies were killed in abortions during the past 100 years.

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Reciting the Angelus prayer at the Vatican Feb. 4, for which some 20,000 people gathered in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis marked Italy’s Pro-Life Sunday and also called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace Feb. 23, with special prayers for Congo and South Sudan.

Thanking all the “different Church realities that promote and support life in many ways,” Pope Francis said he was surprised there were not more people involved.

“This worries me,” the pope said. “There aren’t many who fight on behalf of life in a world where, every day, more weapons are made; where, every day, more laws against life are passed; where, every day, this throwaway culture expands, throwing away what isn’t useful, what is bothersome” to too many people.

Pope Francis asked for prayers that more people would become aware of the need to defend human life “in this moment of destruction and of throwing away humanity.”

The new Abortion Worldwide Report is the first to systematically track the number of abortions reported in 100 nations, territories and regions from the year of legalization through 2015, according to the Family Research Council.

Also involved in the expansive new report are Human Life International, Global Life Campaign, Charlotte Lozier Institute and Regent University. Its principle authors are Wm. Robert Johnston, Ph.D., and Thomas W. Jacobson, M.A.

Jacobson, the executive director of the Global Life Campaign, began working with Johnston in 2002 to compile abortion data from countries across the world through two databases, according to a biography at Human Life International. They used their research and database to compile the new worldwide abortion report, the biography states.

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Johnston runs a website called Johnston’s Archive, which lists abortion statistics and other data by country. It also provides direct links to its sources, including government reports and research groups’ reports on abortion.

The new global abortion report begins with data from 1920 when the former U.S.S.R. became the first to authorize abortion, according to Human Life International. Today, 136 nations have legalized abortions to some extent, the group reports.

So, as Pope Francis encourages, get involved in the fight for life today.