Comedian Lizz Winstead: It’s “Cool” to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 6, 2018   |   12:30PM   |   Washington, DC

If you support a pregnant woman’s decision to abort her unborn baby, comedian Lizz Winstead thinks you are “cool.” But if you dare to support a pregnant woman who wants to parent or make an adoption plan, shame on you.

Winstead, an abortion activist and co-creator of “The Daily Show,” now runs a pro-abortion nonprofit called Lady Parts Justice League. She travels from state to state promoting abortion and attacking pro-life efforts to protect moms and babies from abortion.

The Miami New Times recently highlighted Winstead’s activism ahead of one of her pro-abortion events in Florida.

Winstead said she hopes to inspire people to become abortion activists through her nonprofit’s comedy shows.

“People often talk in federal terms or general terms and don’t realize that when it comes to reproductive access, so much happens on a state level. And for people who are really, really working on social justice issues, so much of that is in state legislatures,” Winstead told the newspaper.

“So when [LPJL] comes to a town, our whole point is asking, ‘Where are the cool activists? Come and table at our show, and then come and talk after the show. We know you need more people to help you do it; you just need to build a stronger base.’ Having fun and creating community is what we’re all about,” she continued.

She specifically attacked pro-life pregnancy centers that offer women life-affirming alternatives to abortion. Winstead called them “fake clinics” and complained that Florida gives tax dollars to support pregnant and parenting moms through the centers.

“They don’t do exams, they don’t provide health care, and they won’t refer you if you ask about access to abortion,” Winstead said.

Winstead destroyed her unborn baby’s life in an abortion when she was a teenager, and now describes it as a “privilege” to tell her abortion story. She has mocked pro-lifers in the past for their efforts to support unborn babies and moms.

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In her memoir, she described her conservative Catholic upbringing with disgust and lamented that “there were always babies around – sometimes there were so many, it seemed they came in bulk, like our family was the Costco of procreation.”