Baptist Pastor Prays for Abortion Clinic: “We Sanctify This Space and Honor It as Holy”

National   |   Gabriel Hays   |   Feb 1, 2018   |   5:23PM   |   Washington, DC

Newsbusters’ Tim Graham maintains that The Washington Post’s “Acts of Faith” section should be called “Trolling the Believers.” Here’s reason 7,493 why.

Devout Christians are mainly prolife, and three fourths of all Americans believe abortion should be limited to the first trimester. So of course in a Wednesday“Acts of Faith” article, the Post’s Julie Zauzmer digs up a group of clergy praying inside an infamous clinic that offers late-term abortions. She quotes Baptist Reverend Carlton Veazey imploring on behalf of the clinic’s doctor, staff and patients, “Keep them safe and keep them strong. And may they always know that all that they do is for Thy glory.”

“What they do,” is the problem, and Zauzmer is lionizing four Christian ministers and a Rabbi for blessing it. The Bethesda, Md. clinic is run by late-term abortion zealot LeRoy Carhart, who killed one of his patients in a botched 2013 abortion — an incident he literally ran away from. The woman was 33 weeks pregnant.

Zauzmer doesn’t mention Carhart’s history, portrays him as this maverick social worker, and says he believe “very strongly” in God. Carhart “feels he is living out his faith by helping women through what is often the worst time of their lives — the illness or other devastating circumstance that leads them to his office.”

Funny, but you have to read to nearly the very end of the 1,000-word article to find out what brought Veazy and his colleagues to Carhart’s office. It wasn’t an impromptu visit. They’re all members of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a lefty group that says it “brings the moral force of religion to protect and advance reproductive health, choice, rights and justice through education, prophetic witness, pastoral presence and advocacy.” And — intersectionality be praised! — the group is also worried about the “tsunami of injustice and oppression” currently buffeting illegal immigrants. Veazy is a former president of this august body.

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Zauzmer quotes another member of the group. Rev. Cari Jackson: “‘We give honor to all of these women who choose to come to this space,’” said Jackson, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ who has served in United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA congregations. “‘We sanctify this space, and we honor this as holy.’”

That’s nice. Many Christians honor the womb as a holy space. Zauzmer should find some of them.

 LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Newsbusters.