Planned Parenthood Defends Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome: “It’s a Personal Decision”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 24, 2018   |   12:18PM   |   Salt Lake City, UT

Several states have either passed or are attempting to pass legislation to ban abortions when those abortions are specifically done to kill babies who have Down syndrome. At every turn, Planned Parenthood has opposed those bills.

Utah is the latest state where state legislators want to protect babies with Down Syndrome from being targeted in abortions. And this state is no exception to Planned Parenthood abortion agenda.

The head of the abortion company in the western state made it very clear that her organization will oppose the bill to protect babies with Down Syndrome. She has no problem defending Planned Parenthood doing abortions on such babies. Why? Well, after all, abortion and destroying babies is just a woman’s “personal decision.”

Here’s more:

The Planned Parenthood Association of Utah says a Utah lawmaker’s bill to bar doctors from performing abortions sought because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome is about restricting access to abortion, not protecting those with Down syndrome.

The association’s President and CEO Karrie Galloway said in a statement Monday that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is “a deeply personal and sometimes complex decision” that should be left to women, their families, their doctors and their faiths.

Galloway said that though many parents find that having a child with Down syndrome is the right decision for them, other families should not be forced into the same situation.

And there you have it. As long as abortion is couched as a “personal decision” and whatever a pregnant woman decides is the right decision for her then morally any abortion can be justified, whether the baby who is aborted has Down syndrome, is black, is gay, is female — it doesn’t matter because targeting babies by race, gender, disability or any other condition is a “personal decision.”

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Indiana, Ohio and North Dakota have led the way in banning abortions on babies with Down Syndrome and other states like Illinois are considering measures like this Utah legislation.

Unborn babies with Down syndrome and other disabilities are discriminated against at astronomical rates. Parents whose unborn babies have Down syndrome or other disabilities frequently report feeling pressure to abort them by doctors and genetic counselors.

Earlier this year, a CBS News report shocked the nation with its exposure of the discriminatory abortion trend. According to the report, nearly 100 percent of unborn babies who test positive for Down syndrome are aborted in Iceland. The rate in France was 77 percent in 2015, 90 percent in the United Kingdom and 67 percent in the United States between 1995 and 2011, according to CBS.

Some put the rate as high as 90 percent in the United States, but it is difficult to determine the exact number because the U.S. government does not keep detailed statistics about abortion.