Abortion Activist Uses Image of Couple’s Disabled Daughter to Promote Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 22, 2018   |   7:33PM   |   Washington, DC

A disability rights advocate and mother expressed outrage online this week after learning that an abortion activist used her daughter’s photo to promote eugenic abortions.

Fox News reports Natalie Weaver, co-founder of Advocates for Medically Fragile Kids NC, is urging Twitter to block the abusive post. It shows a photo of her daughter Sophia, 9, who has Rhett syndrome and facial deformities.

The Twitter account, @OBSIDIANSMOAK, used Sophia’s picture with a message advocating abortions for unborn babies with disabilities.

“It is ok to think that every child matters however a lot of them do not hence the amnio test which should be a mandatory test and if it proves negative and the woman does not want to abort then all bills accrued after that is on her and the father,” the post read.

Weaver said she reported the abusive post and encouraged others to do the same, but Twitter refused to take it down.

“Just received an email that Twitter doesn’t think a person using my child’s image as the poster child to ABORT & to weed out all the ‘defectives’ in utero is a violation. Why? Bc they won’t recognize hate toward ppl w/ disabilities in their regulations/reports,” Weaver tweeted on Monday.

Twitter only recognizes hateful tweets against “a race, religion, gender or orientation.”

“I would like twitter to also add ‘hate towards people with disabilities’ to their violation reporting categories,” Weaver said.

UPDATE 1/23 : Late Monday, Weaver said Twitter did answer her request to remove the abusive account. She thanked the thousands of people who also reported the abuse to Twitter.

People with disabilities are discriminated against in many ways, including abortion. Unborn babies with disabilities frequently are killed in abortions. Iceland now has a nearly 100-percent abortion rate for unborn babies who test positive for Down syndrome.

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Parents of children with disabilities also frequently report feeling pressure to have abortions. Many now are speaking out about the discrimination that their children faced before birth.

Just last week, a British couple said they felt pressured to abort their unborn daughter at 37 weeks of pregnancy because she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. In 2015, British journalist William Skidelsky wrote a troubling piece about how doctors encouraged him and his wife to abort their late-term unborn son just because he had a cleft lip.

A Florida mother’s letter to her doctor went viral in 2016 after her doctor pressured her to abort her unborn daughter with Down syndrome. She refused, and later she wrote a letter to her former doctor urging him to see how valuable her daughter’s life is and how wrong it is to pressure anyone to have an abortion.

Discrimination against unborn babies with disabilities has prompted legislation in several states in America and in Poland to end the eugenic targeting.

Action: Contact Twitter here.