Study Finds Post-Abortion Ministries Successfully Bringing Women Back to Christ

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 18, 2018   |   11:02AM   |   Washington, DC

Pregnancy resource centers’ impact on women goes far beyond supporting moms and babies.

A recent survey published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found that the centers’ post-abortion ministries also are helping women spiritually and emotionally, the Baptist Press reports.

Researchers at Bowling Green State University asked nearly 1,000 women to describe the most significant positives and negatives of their abortions. Most of the women had contacted a pregnancy center to ask about their post-abortion counseling programs.

The researchers found that almost 20 percent of the women said the pregnancy center helped lead them to a “deepened spiritual life.” Another 7.5 percent said they developed a faith in Christ after their abortion and journey to healing.

Here’s more from the report:

More than half of the women did not list any positive consequences of their decision, with 31.6 percent stating there were no positives and another 22 percent offering no response when asked for positives.

The second most common positive listed was a “deepened spiritual life” (17.5%). One anonymous respondent stated, “It has brought me to my end and brought me to my knees before God.”

Dean Inserra, a Florida pastor who serves on the board of A Women’s Pregnancy Center in Tallahassee, told the Baptist Press that pregnancy centers do so much more than just save babies from abortion.

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“You often hear about how pregnancy centers are saving babies,” Inserra said. “… But maybe the most underrated thing they’re doing is the counseling of women who have had abortions.”

Some pregnancy centers offer individual counseling to post-abortive women and men. Others facilitate Bible studies, small group sessions and other programs to help women and men work through the pain of their unborn baby’s abortion death.

Whether saving lives from abortion or helping women heal afterward, pregnancy centers are the hands of the pro-life movement. They reach out directly to women and children, providing information, resources and encouragement to help them thrive.