Friends Prayed at This Abortion Clinic for 9 Years, When They Went Saturday to Pray Again It Was Closed

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 16, 2018   |   12:43PM   |   Oakland, California

Last year the pro-life movement was successful in closing down dozens of abortion clinics and saving countless unborn children from abortion. These successes are continuing into 2018 — as news comes from California that another abortion clinic has closed up shop, this time in Oakland.

Imagine going to an abortion clinic every day for nine years to pray that the abortion clinic closes and that unborn babies will no longer be victimized by abortions there. Then imagine showing up at that same abortion clinic one Saturday as you have done for years and seeing a sign saying the abortion clinic has closed. That is exactly what happened for pro-life people and central California.

Here is more on this amazing story:

On Sunday, January 14, 2018 this short email was sent out by an East Bay pro-life activist: 

“A small group of friends have been praying in front of this clinic since 2009 (this is where Walter was arrested) in Oakland, near Jack London square.

 We went to pray Saturday, as usual.  It was closed, as it sometimes is. After I left, Felix and Sherry went across the street and saw this sign! [below]

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The email referred to pro-life advocate Walter Hoye, who had been arrested outside the abortion center previously for merely praying and urging clients to consider life instead of abortion for their babies.

The article provides further details about the closing of the Family Planning Specialists abortion center.

On the Family Planning Specialists website, a popup directs abortion-seeking clients to Women’s Options Center at San Francisco General Hospital for “the same high-quality medical care you have learned to expect from FPS”