Amazing Ultrasound Video Shows Unborn Baby Waving at His Parents

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 11, 2018   |   12:04PM   |   London, England

They have called ultrasound the window into the womb. And in some cases it truly is.

The use of modern technology and modern ultrasounds allows the world to see the humanity of the unborn child growing inside the womb. Amazing ultrasound pictures and videos have spotlighted the incredible things unborn babies can do before birth.

And here is another example.

Parents in England were excited to see their unborn baby waving during the ultrasound scan. The scan was done at 28 weeks in a pregnancy, a time where unfortunately abortion is legalized in some nations such as the United States.

Here’s more on this incredible ultrasound and the video footage of it:

Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett, from Thatcham in Berkshire, were blown away by the scan, which was done at 28 weeks.

The baby, which is due on March 5, is the couple’s first.

Ms Bearley said: ‘I was laying on my side so it was difficult to see much really. Stuart suddenly said he thought he saw him waving so we asked the lady to rewind the footage.

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‘Luckily she had caught the moment and sure enough when we looked there he was, not only waving but turning to look right at us.

‘It was really lovely to see but I think we’re definitely doing to have a little showman on our hands. He’s obviously a bit of an attention seeker.’

Mr Barrett said: ‘The sonographer said she’d never seen anything like it before.